Bloody Sunday

You think it was just another lazy Sunday in Kuala Lumpur? Well it was, up until this evening at the vicinity of the Amcorp Mall.

Four weeks of candlelight vigils in support of those detained under the infernal (well, draconian is a word that that’s been flogged to death don’t ya think?) Internal Security Act. They largely passed unnoticed by Malaysians getting increasingly desensitised by the spectacle of civil disobedience.

Even the cops left it largely alone. Until tonight. The Star has parts of the story.

This was two occasions that coincided. An event commemorating the first anniversary of the ground-breaking Nov 5 BERSIH rally and the continuation of the anti-ISA candlelight vigil.

The dogs came out. You know what I mean.

And they started the abuses (verbal and physical). There seems to be a special lookout for Indian looking men. Targets. So if you were an Indian-looking (read: Hindraf) guy who just came after shopping at Amcorp Mall, you’re f*****d.

Oh, not that the women and kids were spared. There were some accounts of women being roughed up. Some hit on their head with the FRU batons, left bleeding. Kids with scrapes and scratches.

I hope the cops, SB and FRU folks realise they have wives and kids too. But wait, I heard that some of these folks looked like caged animals, with that barely controlled rage waiting to be unleashed, when they were gearing up.

Meth? Your guess is as good as mine. But then again, some testosterone junkies do not need any other drugs. They feed and thrive on aggression and violence.

I guess tomorrow you will hear more about the injured women.

Neither was the press spared. Shukri Mohamad of Malaysiakini was hauled up. Last tally, 24 people arrested and brought to the Petaling Jaya police hq. They include PJ Utara MP Tony Pua, Lau Weng San (Kampung Tunku Assemblyman) and Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu, blogger Gus Gan and many more.


Early this year, the people who were pushed beyond endurance, pushed back, resulting is appalling losses for the ruling coalition.

I guess they still haven’t learnt.

But, you know what, fellow Malaysians? There will come a time that the worm will turn in a big way.

When the day comes, God help us all.


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