The Truth Hurts…

but like the proverbial bitter pill, it has to be downed.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Tun Musa Hitam says Umno is suffering from penyakit tua (old age infirmity).

Musa: Umno has lost its popularity

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno is in dire need of a drastic change and young blood with new ideas are the plausible solution, said former deputy prime minister Tun Musa Hitam.

“I understand that the experience of seniors are needed for top posts like president or vice-president, but other than that, they should choose the younger ones,” he said.

Musa said the party had been raising the same issues which were raised 20 or 30 years ago, and bickering about emotional rather than substantial issues, such as the economy.

“Umno is already over 61 years old and is experiencing penyakit tua (old age sickness) which cannot be remedied by senior citizens but rather the younger generation with new ideas,” he said after launching the Bridges €“ Dialogues Towards a Culture of Peace forum here yesterday.

Some noteworthy points here,

“It is important for Umno to realise that it has lost its popularity because of public opinion.

“The party has many problems that it cannot rectify, like corruption, accountability issues and abuse of power,” he said.

“The new generation will not accept wholesale what politicians are saying because they don’t accept the politicians,” he said.

Yes. Public opinion rejects the politicians’s words and opinions because they don’t accept the politicians. Not anymore.

Cases in point.

Mat Tyson. How can people accept a guy who has a track record that is less than mediocre, and sleazy to boot? Spiriting away a Sultan’s daughter and marrying her in Thailand (question of legality here, and how a high ranking state official can bypass existing laws). Backhanding the same wife at a public place. Getting caught in a foreign country with a large sum of cash. Same guy now wants to run as deputy president of Umno.

Mohd Ali Rustam. Any right-thinking Malaysian would reject this fella who, as late as last year, was said to have told PPP members, at their own event where he was guest of honour, to get out of Barisan, because “we don’t need you”. Rudeness and arrogance personified.

There is all these allegations implicating Najib Tun Razak, but since nothing was proven, it would be unfair to lump him here.

But Umno does have more than its share of Napoleons, far more than is healthy for any political party that was dominant. That is why Musa’s call for younger blood is more than timely. However, history has shown that the young ones who get to power are largely those who are beneficiaries of dynastic politics, or the yes men.

Neither are favourably viewed by the public. Najib, Hishammudin, Khairy Jamaludin and Mukhriz Mahathir, Noraini Ahmad are all beneficiaries of political legacies.

The one thing different about Mukhriz is that his rise in Umno was after his father left office, and that he suffered a lot too during Abdullah’s ascendancy. Lots of people feel for the underdog, and his firm and gutsy but unassuming ways got him acceptance among people who thought Khairy was an arrogant poseur.

Funny how neatly their roles are reversed now. Now his star is ascendant while Khairy’s is waning, as can be clearly seen from the number of nominations both got in the race for Umno Youth top position.

Dr Mahathir has got his wish.  Abdullah  will soon  step down , handing over to Najib Tun Razak the reins of the party.  The prevailing view now is that Dr M is back in power, with all the implications of that statement.

But of course the climate is now different. Five states are now under Pakatan Rakyat, not to mention most of Kuala Lumpur although it is federal territory. The global economy is crashing and recession is imminent.

Dr M’s backseat driving with his authoritarian style may not work anymore, whatever Umno might think. The two Chinese parties in BN just had elections and the climate there indicates a desire for a change in status quo. MIC? Oh, that one has been declared irrelevant already, hasn’t it?

Only Umno is resisting change in the real sense. Because that kind of change requires humility, an end to ketuanan politics, and a real desire for equitable and clean governance. No more fat cats.

Now if the fat cats can’t feed at the Umno trough, then they won’t be around. Perhaps it is better that way.

Reality check everyone. Is Najib, with Dr M as the navigator, going to be the one to spearhead that change? No, not if he wants to stay in power. The vultures will tear him down using whatever skeletons he might have in his closet.

The way I see it, it is status quo.


4 thoughts on “The Truth Hurts…

  1. The big deal is to many people, including you, status quo is important even if it means the country regresses. I suspect you have a sinecure, so u dun wanna rock the boat. Fine.

    To the rest of us, it is not acceptable

  2. UMNO perlukan angin perubahan.jawatan yang tinggi-tinggi tu tak mengapalah jika veteran yang pegang.tapi jawatan yang bawah-bawah tu elok juga jika diberi kepada orang yang lebih muda sebab mereka boleh dijadikan pelapis.

    lagi satu kena tarik golongan professional masuk UMNO.kurang golongan tersebut rasanya dalam UMNO.UMNO ni sebenarnya ramai lagi yang sayang sebab ramai yang dah beri sepenuh masa dan khidmat.

    tapi apapun,tua atau muda,harus tahu untuk pikul tanggungjawab masing-masing.biasala bila ada percanggahan pendapat tapi yang lebih penting ialah cara untuk mendapat solusi dan keputusan dari percanggahan tersebut. – i took this from another blog.too lazy to write my own since this comment also reflects of what i wanted to say.

  3. The truth is that Umno has ruled supreme for the last 50 years. It always got its way because the dominant ethnic majority of the country always supported its policies.

    The state of the nation is corrupt, racist, discriminatory, abusive, unjust, inefficient, and backwards. If Malaysia stinks then it is because Umno stinks.

    If the “morals of the country” stinks, then it is because the morals of Umno politicians stinks.

    I won’t even discuss the morality of explosives and murder of foreign nationals as most people seem to be able to tell the difference between right and wrong in this instance.

    Instead, I shall talk about Umno corruption and Umno racism as the former will occasion the disastrous downfall of this nation, and the latter will be the downfall of the malays.

    Umno teaches that it is just to discriminate against all non-malays and non-Muslims: jobs, education, schools, colleges, universities, business opportunities, government contracts, taxes, and even finding a cemetery to bury the dead.

    Umno teaches that it is right to discriminate on the basis of a person race, culture, language or religious belief.

    In front of non-malays, it speaks of tolerance and unity in diversity, and in front of malays it speaks of race, religious, cultural and language supremacy, and the glorification of power and ethnic subjugation.

    Bung Mokhtar leadership role as characterised by a yobbish machismo, obscene gestures, medieval attitudes towards women and minorities, and strutting bigotry within Umno is not only not an accident of chance, but an exemplary example of Umno appeal to the baser instincts and darker fantasies of its ethnic constituency.

    To the vernacular schools it gives a pittance for support, and to malay language schools, there is no need to be diplomatic and call them “national language” schools, it gives 100% support.

    As for English-medium schools, the type that made Malaysian education the best in South East Asia, and our school leavers the most sought after anywhere in the civilised world, they were made extinct, courtesy of Umno language and cultural supremacist fantasies.

    So we are left with unemployable graduates with deplorable job skills and prospects.

    Umno policies caused a brain drain to Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, and the US.

    Umno language supremacist policies caused the extinction of the best high quality education that Malaysia and the malays would ever know.

    Umno perversion of the very idea of meritocracy in favour of racist discrimination has ensured the lack of meritocractic competition for all Malaysians.

    Sooner or later, the malays will realise that denying meritocracy to non-malays guarantees that there can be no meritocracy for malays even within their own community.

    The fact that there is no notable inferiority complex nor entitlement complex or NEP dependence amongst the non-malays is no accident.

    If the non-malays were the dominant ethnic majority, and they had an Umno-like racist party to lead them with promises of ethnic supremacy, racial discrimination and ethnic privileges, then I believe they would have lost their self-confidence, self-respect and self-belief too.

    Farish Noor once said “Umno ternak melayu untuk disembelih”.

    I agree, and if the dominant ethnic majority fails to see past Umno seductive promises of ethnic supremacy and false gods of ethnic aggrandisement, then we are all finished.

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