…movement of the people. So says Bob Marley.

Looks like the rats are leaving with the old guard too. Yesterday Pak Lah announced he would not be defending his position in Umno come March.

Today, Malaysian Insider ran this story. An excerpt…

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 10 — One of Malaysia’s most well-known and often controversial media bosses, Datuk Seri Kalimullah Hassan, the deputy chairman of the New Straits Times Press (NSTP), has tendered his resignation from the company.

Known to be close to Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, he becomes the first of a host of executives in Umno- and government-linked companies who are likely to be leaving in the next few months because of changes in Umno’s leadership.

The Edge Financial Daily, quoting sources, reported today that Kalimullah had submitted his resignation to the NSTP board on Sept 3.

If accepted by the board, the resignation takes effect on Dec 31.

The newspaper said Kalimullah had expressed his desire to leave many times in the past, but it added that it was unclear if the resignation now is tied to Abdullah’s impending departure as Umno president. Read more

That last para was hilarious don’t you think? Isn’t it conventional wisdom that when the Godfathers leave, their coterie of bottom dwelling, scum sucking types also scurry along?

I wonder what happens to Scomi now? Maybe the time has come that Scomi really gets its business from overseas as Pak Lah so empathically stated in that TV interview a couple of years ago. Because the future looks bleak here.

Because subsequent administrations, just like those ancient dynasties, would tend to “kapak” all the predecessors’ legacy so that the newcomers can claim and entrench their own power structure. It happened regularly throughout China’s history.

It happened here too. It was said that the northern Selangor development corridor that comprised Bukit Beruntung, Bukit Sentosa, Lembah Beringin and Bandar Sungai Buaya, was dealt its death knell by then incoming Selangor MB Abu Hassan Omar (the white haired dude who had to retire for “health” reasons) just to “kapak” his own predecessor, Mr “prestation” Mat Tyson.

Mat Tyson now wants to go for number 2. While Zahid Hamidi has got a virulent bout of “Kaki Sejuk” and withdrew his drunken declaration. I say drunken cos it was so patently ridiculous-sounding. Now he too is going for the Vice President’s post.

Mat Tyson of course thinks he’s still a powerhouse within Umno and hopes to still curry favour with the pink chicks of Umno as well as the Kaum Ibu (you know, the sort who swoon over Jalalludin Hassan), to give him an edge over Muhyiddin Yassin.

Isa Samad, the convenient money politics scapegoat who lived three years in political obscurity and even lost his wife to cancer in the period, is making a comeback. There are people who say Najib owes him big. Let’s see how this scene plays out. Malaysiakini says the guy might announce soon.

Remember the caveat though. Najib has to win the Umno presidency…and that is by no means a cakewalk. It’s getting rather crowded at the near-top. Ku Li might also come in kacau the waters.

Dante had his Divine Comedy. I guess Umno has a right to its own Asinine Comedy. The only drawback is, their comedy has away of impacting the whole country.


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