FusterCluck Umm…No?

An homage to Reverend Spooner who gave us hapless readers the word Spoonerism and a lot of confusion for the more literal among us.

Often, tangled tongues lead to mangled speech and unintentional hilarity among those who catch it fast it enough and bafflement among those who don’t.

Now, let the bayhem megin…

I suppose Malaysia these days is a very exciting place to be in. After all, our Sinisters and their deputies make headlines everyday.

The Mrime Pinister will state tomorrow whether he chooses to stay on as PM or fade into oblivion. He doesn’t want to say boodgye, understandably. His weat is hardly sarm yet.

The cultures though are vircling. We have  Hahid Zamidi who spent much of the late 90s in political cold storage thanks to him being seen as the acolyte of then newly disgraced Inwar Abrahim. He wants No 2. Ambitious.

Yais Ratim, he of the Semangat 46, who returned to the fold and has been on the Cabinet ever since, now wants one of the three Pice Vresident posts.Brave fella.

Mat Tyson also is expected to join the mudbath party. So is the Malaccan relic Rali Ustam. And some say, even dear old, punished Sisa Amad. Aiya!! Free for All.

What can I say?

Lu Ki also wanna join, but going straight to Umber None. But none of the new ones know this guy or care.

Meanwhile, the national economic ship is on autopilot. And the American meltdown means a lot of icebergs are lurking near. Hell of a time for the Captain to be busy with other things.

But hey, in Bolehland, everything is possible.


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