Grim Reaper works overtime on Hari Raya

The Grim Reaper society has had a long and eventful harvest, and the gang is still going at it.

Ops Sikap #17 has entered its first week. As of Sunday 63 people have died in road accidents during this Balik Kampung rush. It’s not funny…

That means in many houses, this Aidil Fitri, some people are missing family members. i know it is a practice among Muslims to visit graves of the departed on the morning of Hari Raya. But I’m sure none of you all want to visit a fresh grave.

Just drive safe.

Happy Aidil Fitri and Happy Holidays to all Malaysians!


6 thoughts on “Grim Reaper works overtime on Hari Raya

  1. I am interested in the artwork of the Grim Reaper. I would like to use it in a presentation. Do you know who the artist is and if it is copyrighted? Thanks.

  2. Reading the other comments I doubt that you have been given permission to use this and would recommend you to remove this at once. This one have been stolen from the original author many times before and this looks like just another theft in the bunch.

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