Theresa Released, What About RPK?

Malaysiakini reports that senior Selangor Exco Theresa Kok was released from her ISA detention at 1pm today. Thank God. I could not imagine what she must have undergone in the past week.

Raja Petra Kamarudin, who was arrested at the same time and day last week, is still there. So are the other 60-odd people who are still in detention. Detention without trial is in all violation of human rights. Should not happen in Malaysia, not anymore.

Long past time we accept whatever the authorities tell us. I say we join the signature campaign to let justice be finally done.

You can start with the signature campaign that is making its way through blogosphere and the online world in general.

Sign your name, not across my heart as Terence Trent D’arby once sang, but here at Petition Online. I am signatory no 7473. What number are you?

Also read how to help RPK.

And here’s a list of the ISA detainees still languishing in our prisons.


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