Malaysia: Police State Par Excellence

Two weeks ago, I decided to head away from Klang Valley to spend Merdeka weekend with my two closest friends.

While I was there, I got a message from Raja Petra Kamarudin, inviting me a candlelight vigil for the ISA detainees.

It says a lot about the man, that he chose to celebrate the nation’s Independence Day by remembering those who are not free to do so.

Less than a fortnight later, he too was taken in under this draconian law, together with the MP of Seputeh, Theresa Kok. (I live in her constituency).

And of course the 16-hour detention of Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng shocked me too. That means even journos doing their jobs are not safe in this country. (I was a journo too, once)

Yesterday, received SMSes saying Sheih @ Kickdefella was also arrested, this time under the Seditions Act.

Now, Sheih was a fellow blogger who rallied online support for Jeff Ooi and Ahiruddin Atan (Rocky) when both were sued by media group NSTP last year, via that viral logo Bloggers United.

For better or worse, it must be realised that Sheih’s idea actually started the blogger solidarity movement that went beyond Malaysian borders. I knew him as a jovial fella.

Whatever he did, he could have been dealt with with laws that actually gives him a day in court to defend himself. For now, his arrest, along with those of Theresa, RPK and many other prisoners currently in detention without trial, means miscarriage of justice will continue to happen in Malaysia.


Because not enough of us have risen to question such draconian laws. These people are my friends. Tomorrow it could be your friends, or even you. Then, who would stand up for you, my readers?


Are they going to imprison 1,000 Malaysians, or indeed 1 million? Think about it. Because some brave souls are paying the price of their bravery, just cos the powers that be knows that the lot of you are cowards.

If you feel the way I do, then turn up tonight at the Commercial Crimes Investigation Division (behind Bank Negara).

Shame on You, Kodomo Lion!!


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