The Crossover Happens Today?


Checked around.IT IS NOT TRUE. The SMS blitz is a hoax. Cheh!!


Original posting.

I just got an SMS. The forwarded message reads this way…

5 September: Simultaneous press conferences at 3pm. Gerakan, PPP, SAPP, LDP and PBS will be announcing their withdrawal from BN at their respective Headquarters. They will also be the first block crossover to Pakatan. Change begins tomorrow. REFOMASI! Exercise care on the road.

CAN someone confirm this? PLEASE!


3 thoughts on “The Crossover Happens Today?

  1. cheh!bikin kecoh saja sapa yang edar itu sms!!.

    the component BN parties had stressed that there will no jumping and defecting whatsoever to PKR side.

    check it out here!

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