Take Five…People

There a lot of fascinating stuff out there to blog about, I know. So this post is devoted to the great passion of my life. MUSIC.

Any self-respecting jazz lover out there would have heard of Dave Brubeck and his unforgettable Take Five. See, its so iconic it has its own Wiki entry.

Me? Like a lot of things in life, I discovered this great tune in the early 90s, played by a quartet at a hotel lounge in Kuala Lumpur. It was like Whoa!! I was hooked.

It was the advent of the Internet that brought me closer to finding the tune and its name. But I get rather rabid when it comes to music and I found the name of the song and the song itself.

This enduring jazz classic has been recorded over and over again by so many people around the world, but it never lost its charm. I wanna share them with you readers. Enjoy!

This is by the original Dave Brubeck quartet way back in the 60s

A memorable vocal version by Carmen McRae

This amazing version is by the inimitable Al Jarreau in 1975.

Rock with this wonderful Latin version by Tito Puente jazz ensemble.

And I’d not be happy if I don’t include this somewhat film noir version by Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock.

Woo Hoo! Jazz kicks Ass.


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