Will You Guys EVER Learn?

This is really painful news. Why did the welder? Cos he’s a moron.

Now listen to the good doctor.

“I would advise men not to try these unconventional methods,” Dr Lee said.

He said a lot of people associated penis size with virility, which was unfortunate, as size varied with ethnicity and physique.

“Understanding your partner’s physical and emotional needs is much more likely to improve your sexual relationship than trying to change the size of your penis,” he said.

Dr Lee noted that most non-surgical methods used for penile elongation such as vacuum pumps, squeezing exercises and lotions merely gave the illusion of length, but did not actually lead to greater length when erect.- The Star.

I hope this crazy welder learned a crushing lesson from being welded to to a piece of metal. If not from being national news for all the wrong reasons.

There is a lot of misconception going on here. And a whole lot of stupid things are being in the hopes of getting bigger organs, bigger boobs, better sex…etc.

From Tongkat Ali to Kacip Fatimah to Kopi Jantan to Tiger Testicles and Rhino Horn, it is all about size and sexual prowess.

I visit certain monetised blogs (even the political blogs) and see some text ads advertising “suami perkasa” and stuff like that. Why are you guys so preoccupied with size and getting it up? Most of you don’t know what to do with it anyway.


I got this related joke via email. Enjoy it, but read that link above for context.

(with apologies to Abbot and Costello; and
the two Johor nuts)

Tim:  Hey Mike!  Whatcha doin?
Mike: Nuttin.
Tim:  Nothing!  I thought you had a job down at the machine shop.
Mike: I do!
Tim:  Then what do you do down there?
Mike: Like I said, nutting.
Tim:  Let me get this straight … You go down to the machine-
shop every day, sit down on your ass, and do nuttin?
Mike: Yep.
Tim:  Gee, I would sure like a job where I did nuthin.
Mike: It’s not nuthin … it’s nutting.
Tim:  If you say so.  Gee, I’d sure like to get a job doing
Mike: Well, it’s not as easy as it seems.  You need experience
working in other parts of the machine-shop before they let
you do some of the more complicated things like screwing
and nutting.
Tim:  You mean some of the guys down there get PAID for screwing
Mike: Sure.  Some of the girls too.
Tim:  You screw with the girls and get PAID for it?
Mike: Not exactly.  When I get done nutting, sometimes I take my
bag of nuts over to one of the girls, and empty my nuts in
her box.
Tim:  God.  How do you get a job like this?
Mike: Like I said, it’s not easy.  You need experience.  First,
you have to learn how to screw things down, without
screwing up …
Tim:  I don’t care WHAT position I screw in … I just want one
of those girls to join me.
Mike: Well … most of the girls are more experienced than you
Tim:  I suspect so.
Mike: So, they’d have to teach you how to screw first.
Tim:  Hey, I already know how to screw.
Mike: You do?  I didn’t know you worked in a machine-shop before.
Tim:  I didn’t.  Marjorie Simpson showed me how … out behind
the barn.
Mike: Well … I don’t know.  The boss generally wants guys with
lots of experience, before he lets them screw with the
girls like I do.
Tim:  I thought you said you do nuttin?
Mike: I do.  But sometimes the girls need help screwing … So I
help them out as often as I can.
Tim:  Boy, I would sure like to help them out.
Mike: I dunno … those girls handle some pretty big nuts, you
Tim:  Hey, don’t shortchange me.  I’ve got pretty big nuts too!
Mike: You do?
Tim:  Yep.
Mike: But are they the right size?
Tim:  Right size?
Mike: Uhuh.  If the thing is too big, it won’t go in the hole.
On the other hand, if it’s too small, it just falls out.
Tim:  I’ve never had any complaints.
Mike: So … What would you do if your thing was too big to fit?
Tim:  I’d just push a little harder, and MAKE it go in.
Mike: That’s what I thought.  Tim, I’m sorry, but I just can’t
recommend you for the job.  You’d screw things up good that
Tim:  Hey!  That’s not fair.  Can’t you just get me a job doing
nuttin’, like you do?
Mike: But you said your experience was screwing.
Tim:  I can do nuttin’ real good too!
Mike: No … If you’d force things while screwing, I’m sure you’d
screw up while nutting too.
Tim:  Mike, PLEASE just ask your boss to let me try.
Mike: No … I’d be putting my reputation for doing nutting on
the line … and I can’t risk that.  Much as you’re my best
friend, I can’t do it.  You’ll just have to get a job on
your own.
Tim:  Mike.  Mike!  Hey, MIIIIIKKKEE!


One thought on “Will You Guys EVER Learn?

  1. Heh, Sis. This wasn’t just on the National News but appeared in all the major broadsheets here in Indonesia…

    Actually Sis, being a lowlife like me has its benefits. The ball bearing in the peler is more prevalent than you think. I know a few that did it when I was working offshore Terengganu those days. Was I intrigued? Yes. But did I try it? Heh, can’t stand sight of blood lah.. 🙂

    99.99% of all the spam in my junk mail is about getting it up, making it big and making it last… none offered the finer points like caressing, hugging or kissing. Just the wham bam stuff, ma’am, Thank You…and apparently this is all it takes to satiate the lady…

    But sometimes reading all that shit in junk mail does sometimes make one feel ‘inadequate’ lah. 😉

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