Punchy News

Granted, they seem to have a “soft spot” for reporters. But who says only PKR members are unruly thugs? Disgruntled Umno members can also get rowdy, as this report from Segamat says.

I remember my dad used to say, during his younger days when movie tickets are sold out, those who did not manage to get tickets would break chairs and damage furniture in the cinema.

That was 50 years ago.

It seems people are still the same in many ways.


One thought on “Punchy News

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for coming over to my site and leaving the comment. I really appreciate it.

    I’m having a very quick visit here for now – to bookmark your site. I’ll add this to my blogroll too.

    I don’t want to include sites heavy on politics (although I visit them frequently myself), for my specific theme and concern with that one is “Recovery”. But I suppose I’ll grant you “special case privileges” since you’ve been there too and put it under “Interesting Malaysians”:-)

    I like to see WordPress blogs – I want to see what others do with theirs and try to get ideas to make mine better over time. I’m very new and rather clueless about all this – had only gotten Internet access from home two months ago. And that too with Celcom GPRS only (rural area).

    I’ll come again.

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