Jalur Gemilang

My Country’s Flag. I’ll proudly fly it.

Come 31 August 2008, Malaysia’s 25 million-odd people will celebrate its 51st anniversary of independence.

Yet, I think only this year can people truly begin to celebrate. Because this year, hundreds of thousands of my fellow citizens  woke up and said they refused to be colonised by corruption, cronyism, racism and bad governance.

Yes, people. This year, you can begin to celebrate. Because the fight has begun in earnest. The fight to take Malaysia back from the thieves, rapists, murderers, liars and cheats. Charlatans who kept us living in fear.

This year, we started to take Malaysia back. But the battle has just begun. So, stand up and claim your stake in this country.

Salvage it so your kid and grandkids will have a country to be proud of, even if it’s too late for you.



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