Blocks and Blockheads

Someone please enlighten me about this blocking of access to Malaysia Today .

Th government has according to this report from The Star,

All 21 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the country have been ordered by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to block the controversial Malaysia Today website…

Reason given? Read the rest of the story that quotes “industry source”.

I did some checking and found that Sec 263 of the COMMUNICATIONS AND MULTIMEDIA ACT 1998 says this:

Section 263. General duty of licensees.

(1) A licensee shall use his best endeavour to prevent the network facilities that he owns or provides or the network service, applications service or content applications service that he provides from being used in, or in relation to, the commission of any offence under any law of Malaysia.

(2) A licensee shall, upon written request by the Commission or any other authority,assist the Commission or other authority as far as reasonably necessary in preventing the commission or attempted commission of an offence under any written law of Malaysia or otherwise in enforcing the laws of Malaysia, including, but not limited to, the protection of the public revenue and preservation of national security.

So I gather from this that:

1) Malaysia Today is used to commit offences.

2) blocking Malaysia Today is to prevent the commission of offence.

3) blocking Malaysia Today is in line with preservation of national security.

LOL! The sheer insecurity of this government is apparently boundless. This is like equating Malaysia Today with the Anarchist Cookbook.

Granted, there is enough of Malaysia Today’s content that is controversial, but isn’t there already enough laws to deal with that without blocking? In this day and age, banning something or in this case, blocking access, will only create more curiosity.

Pissing off Netizens is counterproductive, dear BN government, because they are now going to paint you guys as the devil itself (if they haven’t already). Wasn’t March 8, or indeed Permatang Pauh earlier this week, enough for you guys? Tak sedar diri lagi ke?

To imply that Malaysia Today is a threat to national security is just plain stupid. There are enough people out there who read and think and reason. They don’t believe everything they read there, just like they don’t believe everything they see in the papers or TV. To block Malaysia Today is tantamount to insulting the people of Malaysia.

If Malaysia Today is “inciting” then don’t you think the same could be said of the insensitive reporting of Utusan Malaysia and a few other newspapers?

I’ve said this again and again, if Raja Petra Kamarudin libeled and slandered people, the aggrieved party should bloody sue him! It is not fair to intimidate a small bald David with Goliath’s might just because they can. The NST sued bloggers Jeff Ooi and Rocky last year, didn’t they? Till now it is dragging its way through court, but it is a civil process.

Draconian laws like the Seditions Act, Official Secrets Act, Internal Secrets Act and Printing Presses and Publications Act all have elements of “discretion” where the authority has the power to order detention, can arbitrarily decide what is considered seditious, breaching permit conditions, or what’s considered official secret.

ALL OF THIS WITHOUT THE BENEFIT OF JUDICIAL INTERVENTION! They specifically excluded judicial review in amendments that your moron MPs actually voted into law, way back in Dr Macchiavelian Mahathir’s time.

No wonder the government is considered cruel and outdated, and hated so much.

On the practical side, how do you enforce this blocking order thingie? Say all 21 service providers comply with this. All it takes is for a change of name of domain for Malaysia Today to resurface in some other form. Which it already has for a few days now. Here’s the new link.

On another note, you all know about the performance guarantees by the Mahathir govt in the early days of Multimedia Super Corridor right? One of them was that Internet won’t be censored in Malaysia. That, like so many assurances by politicians, are just like a drunkard’s promises.

This is not the first time a website is being targeted in Malaysia. It started years ago. Even as late as last year Jeff Ooi blogged about it and lots of angles came up for discussion.

Now, I wonder, if Malaysia Today is blocked, how long before they restrict blog hosts like Blogger or WordPress. You start with one justification like morality. Soon, it will be racial harmony and then national security. And of course the yardstick for definition of these justifications will be decided by those fellas in authority.

And we all know what pillars of wisdom, morality, ethics, integrity and political correctness they are, don’t we?


One thought on “Blocks and Blockheads

  1. but during TUN’s tenure, he merely advised internet users to exercise self-censorship. but now looks like the old man’s policy was not heed by the current admin. its clear this latest despical move MaCai-MaCai did was an order from someone with power, the same person subjected to ‘slander’ by RPK.

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