Anwar rules in Permatang Pauh

No amount of scrap metal licences, allocations or money poured in could dent the spirit of  Permatang Pauh voters.These are the same folks that returned Wan Azizah to Parliament in 2004 as the sole rep of PKR when PM Abdullah Badawi’s BN got a landslide mandate throughout the country.

I suppose BN had to fight Anwar tooth and nail. But I was told by a fellow that the presence of Khairy Jamalludin and his tasteless “coffee boy” insinuations actually turned out to be more of a liability than a gain for Umno.

He should have stayed home. Cos word is trickling in of an increased majority for Anwar. Some say it is to the tune of 15,000 votes. Haris Ibrahim reports that as the numbers come in, Anwar won overwhelmingly at every polling station so far.

Many bloggers and Netizens are out there still, in various parts of Permatang Pauh. Rocky, Haris, Anil Netto, TV Smith, Gus Gan, Raja Petra, Zorro and many others I probably I haven’t heard about.

Hats off to these folks who take time off whatever their day jobs are, to be there and tell the story on the ground. Why are there so many of them out there giving us updates?

Because despite the relative might of the mainstream media, news is still “slow” in coming out. And as March 8 experience showed us, there can be lots of “delays”.

I do pity BN candidate Ariff Shah though. Has to be the sacrificial lamb in the bigger scheme of things. Also reported was that Padang Serai MP Gobalakrishnan of PKR was arrested for blocking what he suspected were phantom voter buses. He was allegedly beaten up too.

Overkill? You bet. Probably half the Royal Malaysian Police Force is in Permatang Pauh. Probably why there was traffic jam to begin with. Mana orang tak menyampah?

There was a lot about this by-election that would have made you readers heartily sick of Malaysian politics and the bastards who populate it. But here’s a cynical yet funny way of looking at it. This gem is one reason i am thankful that I am proficient in Bahasa Malaysia.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present Keris Silau.


3 thoughts on “Anwar rules in Permatang Pauh

  1. I like your weblog. Simple yet elegant! I wished I have your flair/talent!

    As for PP by-election. It was almost a foregone conclusion. I just wanted to “see” the numbers. Increased majority!

    Unfortunately the ruling elite:
    (1) Look but never see; and
    (2) Hear but never listen!


  2. Ha ha ha. That Keris Silau is a riot lah… As to my language proficiency, Sis ..Err, embarrassingly my Melayu is waaay bad (blame it on my pre-SPM education – MCE) and the ‘speaking’ ain’t too hot either (blame it on, err, myself).

    I think buat orang menyampah is UMNO’s tag line these days… 🙂

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