Some People Are Certainly More Equal Than Others!

I heard that the Malaysian IGP Datuk Musa Hassan just underwent heart bypass surgery at the National Heart Institute. I had no idea that he had faulty engine. I wish him speedy recovery.

He is a top civil servant isn’t he? So his services are still needed and very important to the nation. That is why he could be diagnosed one week and undergo surgery the very next week.

The media reported this.

IGP undergoes heart bypass surgery

KUALA LUMPUR: Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan underwent a heart bypass surgery at the National Heart Institute (IJN) yesterday.

It is learnt that he was advised by doctors to do the operation following a routine medical check-up a week earlier at the same hospital.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar, when contacted, said Musa was recuperating at the intensive care unit and doctors had put in place a no-visitors policy.

“Doctors have informed me the operation was successful and on behalf of the entire police force, we wish him a speedy recovery,” he said.

It was not known how many bypasses were done but sources revealed several narrowing of arteries had been detected. – The Star.

Now, I wonder if many of you know that the overworked doctors at IJN probably have to do a bypass surgery every day. Yeah, that many Malaysians suffer from coronary problems.

So they have this list of patients scheduled for surgery. Patients are given dates on when the surgery can be done. It usually takes months. Of course some patients are bumped up on the list when surgery is imperative to save his life. All well and fine.

My dad, whose engine has been faulty for years, was given (in February this year) a date in September. But since then he has had several “little attacks”. The old guy is a walking time bomb now.

Buit we as a family knew we have to await our turn, because there are many others who came before us with the same problem.

Then we were told by a doctor (I cannot tell you who, obviously) that it is common practice at IJN to postpone a patient’s surgery to a later date.

“Usually when the ministers and other VIPS are scheduled for surgery, they are bumped up the list. Of course that guy who turn it originally was, gets another postponement,” says this doctor.

This long list has resulted in many patients dying. Of course a lot of them are either aging civil servants or retirees for whom medical treatment at govt hospital is free or subsidised.

They can’t afford to go to those private hospitals can they?

So, they get diagnosed, given a date by IJN and if they are lucky, they are still alive to undergo surgery at the hospital.

In between, all these VIP civil servants and minister cut the queue to get their heart salvaged. I wonder though, for every Musa Hassan saved by the good doctors at IJN, how many ordinary Malaysians just die quietly at home.

I pray my father won’t die waiting for his bypass surgery.


One thought on “Some People Are Certainly More Equal Than Others!

  1. I am sorry to know about the delays in surgery there. “…because there are many others who came before us with the same problem…” — talk about genes. So, somehow, though you know it runs in the family, it won’t hurt to make sure that you live a healthy lifestyle.

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