Shame on the Insensitive Spaniards

I wish the Chinese guys in Beijing would kick some Spanish asses, just to show how it can feel to be at the business end of racism’s ugly foot.

Spain may have beaten Olympics host China 85-75 in the basketball game on Tuesday, but that is not what’s making news.

At a time when 4 billion people across the globe come together to be part of the biggest sports event, some tolerance would have been greatly appreciated.

Instead, the Spanish blokes gave us this.

Yup. The slit-eyed pose for an ad. To add further insult, they defended it, saying it was meant to be cute. In essence, what they are really saying is “We Spaniards are still in the Stone Age when it comes to race relations.”

This, apparently is not an isolated incident. When British Formula 1 champ Lewis Hamilton was in Barcelona earlier this year, he was greeted with this…


Well, while the Chinese hosts are downplaying the whole slit-eye faux pas, the public might take a very dim view of the Spanish team.

Now that they’ve beaten the hosts, their stay in Beijing just got extended. That means they are at the receiving end of Chinese hospitality. Haven’t your friends told you that when you go to a restaurant, take care not to insult the waiter or the cook?

I recall the Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”.



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