Of America and Stooges

Yeah, open your eyes. Read between the lines. Don’t lose your cool over allegations of individuals being in the pay of the US. We have had American (including its military) presence in Malaysia for some time now. They are just quiet about it.

The American military presence in the SEA region has not been confined to Philippines and Singapore, especially in the recent years. Malaysia has a solid relationship with them and it is part of our strategic defence policy.

So all these anti-American tripe you read about periodically in the local media, is for the large part, just posturing for the sake of invoking nationalist sentiments.

We probably have a defence pact with most nations in Southeast Asia and definitely with the US of A. Here’s one such report of an inked act. Our DPM was a defence minister for quite a while and you can read of the things he said here about continued military cooperation between the two nations.

Two crucial security advantage for us to have the Yanks around.

Piracy has been a problem in our seas, both the Malacca Straits and South China Sea. But no pirate would want to take on a destroyer, let alone a naval fleet. US naval presence in our seas would be a serious deterrent indeed.

Secondly, the fight against terrorism and insurgency. At this moment there is tacit understanding as well as cooperation among the regional forces in battling terrorists and insurgents in South East Asia.

The hotspots are too close for comfort. Different parts of Indonesia, Timor Leste, southern Thailand, Mindanao….these are all volatile areas. It makes sense to cooperate.

And then there is that humanitarian and peacekeeping role played by the international troops in strife-ridden and disaster areas. Aceh Tsunami – 2004 – USS Abraham Lincoln.

On its part, America has much reason to engage not just Malaysia, but most SEA countries. From a strategic point of view, it fits with its avowed war against terrorism. From another angle, this region is an important counterweight against that behemoth up north; China.

So yeah, it ain’t all altruism on their part…heheh.

Since they got out of the Phillipines in the early 90s, the Pacific Command doesn’t have a base around SEA. No, they don’t have a base in Singapore. They just use the facilities at Sembawang for their naval ships to dock.

They might want to have friendlier relations with Malaysia (after all we have far more land area) but that kind of flirting has been going on close to a decade apparently, without bearing any fruits.

A strong Malaysian leadership can keep a tight rein on this relationship. We can benefit too. But we shouldn’t be reduced to a puppet. In this current flip flop mode of running the country, it looks like this might happen anyway.

Enough of calling Anwar an American stooge. The current government is already the pot. Susan is right.


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