Is there anything left to believe in?

These are cynical times. Everyone who is worth his weight in column inches (even the bantamweights) is making a police report and throwing press conferences (some in posh hotels…ahem).

Some go further and make statutory declarations. And then retract (also at posh hotels). As if going to the police and the lawyers make a difference these days. Some release medical reports…and then disappear.

The credibility of the authorities are at their lowest ebb. I did a straw poll on my friends and neighbours about their trust in the police. Most just sniggered. A few went on to say things like “they are the biggest thugs and murderers of ’em all”. Not very inspiring, is it?

Now we are greeted with the RM100 million logistics scandal. Hahah! Can you even begin to fathom the implications of this latest can of worms?

> Bullet-proof vests not according to specifications and anti-riot helmets not subjected to safety tests;

> Boots supplied to traffic policemen were not waterproof, drill boot heels fell off easily, and boots used by Federal Reserve Unit personnel and UN duty officers were not nail proof;

> Single iron beds, mattresses and pillows used by recruits were not up to specifications, with the pillows being fire hazards. – The Star

These a just a few of the problems highlighted. I was thinking, if our cops are insured at all, their risk rating just climbed way high. I mean, you get a measure of comfort that the ballistic vest would protect your torso, if you go into a shootout wearing them.

Those cops just lost what little confidence they have, all because some greedy *&@# closed one eye to quality control and accepted sub-standard equipments.

The next time there is a public demonstration outside there, we Malaysians know that the ubiquitous FRU fellas are actually using some really “chikai” equipment. Then we can rib them about their less than perfect riot gear. Like “Bang, you punya helmet dah bersawang laa” . Or maybe, point out the hairline cracks on their plexiglass shield. Let’s hope the already thin-skinned guys don’t do a “smackdown” of you.

Seriously though, if things like this happen on a regular basis, what kind of confidence would the nation’s citizens have in authority? When the robbers and thieves are within the system? Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Sidek Hassan made some overtures last year about exposing and nipping these rot in the bud.

But this cancer of corruption has already metastasised throughout the entire governmental structure. It takes nothing short of revolution to clear this rotten house of institutionalised graft. In these uncertain times, where the very balance of power remains moot, you think house-cleaning will be a priority for these guys? No? Good answer.

Sidek Hassan probably will retire soon. How much can he do even if he wants to?

In this climate, many people will also think Anwar Ibrahim will be the Messiah that brings the much-needed change. Well, good luck to him on his journey, but I’m not sure his ascent will change anything much on the grander scale. It takes a bigger person than Anwar to do this

You see, it has been more than four months since Pakatan Rakyat started running four states (I’m not counting Kelantan because it was a pre-existing PAS state), but there has been little in terms of moving towards participatory governance in these states. Its just a changing of guard. WE the little people still have very little say.

You think you will see change soon? Naa. There is a struggle for power going on between the giants, and until a winner is declared, the business of running the country is not paramount, if it ever were to begin with.

Till then, entertain yourself with the latest season of your favourite soap opera: Clueless in Bolehland. Oh! Have you heard the latest news? Earlier today Datin Seri Wan Azizah tendered her resignation as the MP of Permatang Pauh to make way for her hubby to contest.

I think it is a waste. The woman was doing quite well in Dewan Rakyat recently. I loved it when she took on the rep from Rembau on the DNA and police report issue.

One less woman in Parliament.



3 thoughts on “Is there anything left to believe in?

  1. “I think it is a waste. The woman was doing quite well in Dewan Rakyat recently. I loved it when she took on the rep from Rembau on the DNA and police report issue.

    One less woman in Parliament”

    These phrase is very suitable with the title of your earlier post – “The Great Betrayal” on women, that is. If it has to be family, why not nurul izzah, she has time on her side.

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