The Great Betrayal

This past week has been too overwhelming, both on the personal and professional fronts, for me to contribute something on the heady stew that is Malaysian politics these days.

But I have been reading the news and the blogs, and I’ve been thinking, furiously. It came to me last night how we Malaysians have been royally screwed every which way, for decades now.

Frankly, we are sore.

That however, does not compare to my sinking realisation of the plan tacitly endorsed and assiduously pursued by the Barisan Nasional government to keep the Non-Malays (notice that I didn’t say non-bumis) firmly as second class citizens.

You see, I like to see the good in people. As it turns out, my rather romantic ideal is exploding in my face every day.

Recent events have shown that nothing, absolutely nothing, is sacrosanct in Malaysian politics…and by extension, governance.

This fact must be something that a lot of people in MCA, MIC and Gerakan have realised by now. I would have liked to have seen Ong Ka Ting’s face when he read of Abdullah’s statement regarding overtures to PAS after Mar 8.

UMNO can, did, and still tries to get into bed with PAS, then simply to keep the many states from falling into the so-called unclean hands of the “impure” PKR and the “Chinese supremacist” DAP, but now to keep its hold on power.

Muzakarah? Hah Hah! PAS’ Hadi Awang either had a frontal lobotomy recently or is more of a scheming Malay than an “upstanding Muslim politician” (is that an oxymoron?).

Can’t he see that the PAS brand of politics CANNOT see light of day when they get in bed with UMNO? UMNO is an alpha male of Malaysian politics, with all the undesirable attributes of that type.

Hadi must have been around when they flirted with each other a few decades ago. Still haven’t learnt your lesson, Pak Haji, or has the promise of money and power blinded you? So much so that you can go behind the back of Tok Guru, who commands the love and respect of the not only the young PAS cadre, but also most people in the country.

For BN’s many non-Malay partners, Abdullah’s statement must have seemed like a roundhouse punch. They must still be concussed and seeing stars over this.

To Ong Ka Ting, Koh Tsu Koon and Samy (if he’s not too busy with “rebranding” MIC) and the other leaders of the many BN coalition partners in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, I’d like to ask this.

Why don’t you guys get out of that bed of convenience you shared with UMNO. It has clearly been shown to all of you, and 49.6% of non-Malays in Malaysia (est statistics from CIA World Factbook) that to UMNO, what is paramount is its own brand of Ketuanan Melayu.

Not a coalition governance of compromise and respect. Naa, those are pipe dreams that I’m sure no one in his right mind believes anymore.

There are so many desperate measures undertaken here within UMNO and BN that whatever little fracas in Pakatan Rakyat seem to pale in comparison.

So what is BN’s non Malay partners rationale in still staying within it?

Comfort zone? Can’t be too comfy anymore.

Utterly without shame? That is a pre-requisite for a Malaysian politician.

Money for the top echelon if they toe the line? Could be, but that wouldn’t go down too well with the cadre.

Just too stupid? May be this is it. Years of mind-numbing subservience to the UMNO powerbrokers must have resulted in steady seeping-out of the grey matter for these folks.

And while all these manoeuvrings are happening, the country’s economy, which has been largely on autopilot with periodic (and somewhat spasmodic) jerks of control from those running the country, is now nose-diving towards the doldrums.

When the plane crashes, believe me guys, these fellas will already have nice little stashes in Switzerland or for the more adventurous, Bermuda, the Caymans and other off-shore banks. Millions in cash can nicely soothe their conscience, when they see Malaysia reduced to ashes, if they had a conscience in the first place.

I gotta go. I need a stiff drink.


4 thoughts on “The Great Betrayal

  1. Hi Well Wrote piece.

    I wish that MCA,MIC,PPP,GERAKAN, and those parties being part of BN, could have Muza whatever with PKR,DAP without fail.
    Maybe PM and co could if they are awake feel how UMNO deserted or BLINKED its “friends” in BN.
    Let Non umno members force/convince the other component parties of BN to have MUZA something with PKR and DAP.
    I salute tuan guru on his stand.
    If PAS and UMNO unite, i propose TUAN GURU to be PM, Nash, The other persons{sorry i dont their names} moderates to hold ministerial positions.
    DELETE the sillies like MMT, sharir,and some other idiots.Devamony,saravan,
    Umno takes junior posts.
    Can AH !
    I think Pas is going to be taken for a ride ala merrygoround.
    Non malays were wary of PAS,its a fact, They were given the VOTE by non malays because of DSAI nothin else.
    Its not for the love of PAS but ONLY for the PM in waiting whom we want.DSAI.
    Or next election they go back to square one + zero one

  2. Friend,

    After reading this analogy twice (the first time I was a tad slow in getting to your points) I need a stiff drink myself. On the rocks preferably.

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  4. whatever hj hadi may think or say, as you pointed out, its what TGNA had repeatedly said that matters. if Ameno believes there was in fact a split amongst the malay, then do the necessary, join PAS. end of story.

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