Masked Men Arrested Anwar?


Talk about overkill. This kinda manouvres almost justifies Anwar Ibrahim taking refuge in the Turkish Embassy two weeks ago.

Well done Pak Lah! Last night, thanks to an ill-equipped Shabery Cheek, Anwar gained a lot of points.

Now you’ve gone and made the guy a hero and a martyr. Why la so bodoh?

Maybe this country would do much better with a more intelligent man. Because the authorities are mostly about brash bullying and very little brain.

Tomorrow, word has it that Raja Petra Kamaruddin will be hauled up too.

Let’s just remember. It is a very pissed of public you have out there today.

If Pak Lah and his people refuse to acknowledge public sentiment, well, what do you think will happen?

This will not be the sporadic Refomasi episode.This might lead to mayhem.

All because of some mighty stupid people in authority.


3 thoughts on “Masked Men Arrested Anwar?

  1. And who are the smart voters who gave these “stupid” people the unfettered power to rub our noses in the dirt? Will we never learn not to leave the future wellbeing of our children to people whom we consider more stupid than us?


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