Jaafar Taib…My Precious!

I used to be a big fan of Gila Gila magazine in its heydays in the 80s and early 90s. Then I started working and drifted away from the closest Malaysia had to Mad magazine then. Lost my sense of humour too.

The mag itself was getting tame and more politically correct. The independent, ‘kutu’ spirit disappeared from the mag, further alienating me.

But memories of those rib tickling, snigger-inducing cartoons remained. I bought and really treasured the the Jungle Jokes series by cartoonist and fine artist Jaafar Taib.

The supremely talented Jaafar, apart from being a dab hand at cynical social commentary, was also a keen naturalist who used to camp out in the rainforests just to capture the elusive indegenous birds of Malaysia.

Met him back in the 90s during his exhibition on Malaysian birds, held at then Hibiscus Gardens at Taman Tasik Perdana.

Today while Googling, I stumbled upon his site. Joy of Joys!

Wry social commentary from a jungle viewpoint

Wry social commentary from a jungle viewpoint

Go visit www.jaafartaib.com for more treasures.

For those who remember, I have to ask you. Do you guys know what happened to the resident GG cartoonists like Aza, Long, Nik, Cabai, Zainal Buang Hussein and the likes?


4 thoughts on “Jaafar Taib…My Precious!

  1. I think Azah and Cabai are still around. The alos great ZBH, I dont know. Long and Nik pon seem to be lost in the modern corprate world maybe.

    GG had a special issue recently. They reprinted older cartoons by Pak Jab, Don, Fatah, ZBH, Jaafar Taib, etc… it was great. But, yeah.. you wonder where they are now. Pak Jab passed away, a few years back…

  2. Currently with us:
    Ujang (although seldom draws, he’s still with us)
    Zainal Buang (Returned in vol690)

    Gila-Gila will be more fun and happening since Jaafar Taib returned to supervise cartoonist.

    p/s- in v690, we will include the all new Lipat Maut!

    K CESB

  3. Oh my god! CESB responds! great, now I will go n buy my GG again. There is a lot of material in Malaysia today to satirize and no one to do it better than you GG folks.

    Sad abt Long n Nik, they were witty folks.

    Those women by ZBH always seem a bit inflated. Heheh, borderline sleazy. I loved GG. Ujang? He’s back. You know guys. I actually cried reading abt Aca and the gem that is Jibam.

  4. 🙂 better off, subscribe! u can save up to 45% by subscribing u know? 😀 im telling ya, its worth the money! now do u guys know that GG is THE ONLY local content mag??! well there u go, fact of the day 🙂


    shiela CESB

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