Blogger: Shafie not Doing Any Good

In reference to this article, I’ve some things to say. I hope the Minister Arts, Culture and Heritage can and does read.

In the increasingly fashionable way of dissecting para by para….here I go. Article reproduced from The Star.

KUALA LUMPUR: Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal has hit out at blogs, saying they made the recent demonstrations worse.

How did we make it worse?

He also described the culture of believing everything one read in blogs to be the truth as unhealthy and what made it worse was that the inaccurate information was passed on to others.

Isn’t this actually because of the failure of the mainstream media to report faithfully, and the spinning, selective reporting and blackouts?

“One post may say a person stole RM10 and that amount might end up being RM100 when it got around. That is how inaccurate blogs can be,” he said after the ministry’s monthly assembly at the National Museum yesterday.

Yeah, rumour mills get that way, but people believe them because there is no access to accurate information they can trust in the MSM. There is information gap. The Prime Minister says one thing today and another tomorrow. Who do people trust at all? Blogs do tend to be inaccurate at times, but so does the papers.

Shafie said the recent demonstrations were “compounded” by blogs. “These things do not bring any good to the country,” he said.

The demos are just people standing up to protest policies that hurt them. It’s like, if u are slapped, once, twice, thrice, you get hurt and angry don’t you. Won’t you at least stand up and yell back? That is what people are doing. In Thailand, the people are allowed to register their dissatisfaction. Here, we aren’t. Cos it is not “our culture” as probably defined by your ministry. By the way, is this how the whole “Amok” phenomenon happened? Prolonged repression finally resulting in explosion…perhaps.

I wonder Mr Shafie, if you are actually on the other side of the fence (i.e in the opposition), would you then sing this tune? Think about it.

Blogs give voices to the common man. This kind of freedom you consider bad because you are losing control of the people. They do not fear you anymore and neither do they buy your bullshit.

Exaggeration? Hell, how come you guys don’t see it in the many one-sided “exposes” of wrongdoings in Kelantan govt, stories of Kelantan people being neglected and stuff like that?

Don’t just sing a tune that suits you..Shafie. Simon Cowell will find it too safe, and safe will not get you anywhere. Actually in this climate, your sycophantic manouvres will not wash either. The old sleeping guy at the top needs some help, not rhetorics, from his ministers.


4 thoughts on “Blogger: Shafie not Doing Any Good

  1. another fellow who knows nuts about the blog. do you think they seriously believe the people should just buy every crap rtm are producing nightly?

    *azahid, being another idiot.

  2. Yeah, yeah.

    Keep opening orifice and disgorge garbage. Seems to be the order of the day with our so-called leaders.

    And the idiot doesn’t seem to realize that if you stole even RM10 its still stealing. Just because the amount got blown up to RM100 by irresponsible bloggers like you sis, doesn’t assoil asses, sorry people, like him from stealing the RM10.

  3. Thanks… that is my nic.

    So, is he saying that all the stories of UMNO and BN goons stealing from public is true ? PKFZ not really RM4.7 billion gone, UMNO/ BN just took RM400 million. Big difference you know.

    Crap, even for RM10, these jerks need to be give account.

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