Even Spiders Are Screwed…

We Malaysians have shown our ugly side in so many ways Here’s a new one.

The Star’s Bahasa Malaysia portal Mstar reports that the Tarantulas are disappearing from our highlands, especially Fraser’s Hill in Pahang, because they are ending up as pets overseas.

The Fraser’s Hill Tarantulas are said to be about 40 years old. These hairy, scary fellas are known as Old World Spiders and are said to have a lifespan of up to 60 years.

Hairy Beauty

Hairy Beauty

So I guess there is a market out there for uncle and aunt Tarantulas. In Japan, according to the article, Aunt Tarantula fetches the yen equivalent of RM228. That is not very expensive if you consider that these critters are rare.

So our brave fellas go into the jungles and hunt down these beauties to be sold abroad. Unconscionable rape of the forest and thievery that brings nothing much. One must consider the fact that the catch cannot be any good.

These Tarantulas mate once a year, (they evidently have not discovered Tongkat Ali) so I suppose the proliferation of these big spiders are not at a healthy stage, what with loss of habitat and poaching.

Malaysia is home to 12 different types of Old World Spiders. In Malaysia, there is a group called the Malaysian Tarantula Society that’s trying to educate our fellow citizens about these gorgeous Arachnids/Theraphosidae.

Visit their site for more information, and the next time you see people poaching spiders from our old forests, beat them up. I mean it.

That is, of course, after liberating these babies, capisce?

There is a RM50,000 fine for those caught in possession of these Tarantulas under our Wildlife Protection Act. It’s no joke.

The one nice thing I say about this despicable trade in endangered species is that, these spiders are actually ending up as pets in foreign countries. I guess they fare much better than the Malaysian chicks who became drug mules and now languishing in prison.


One thought on “Even Spiders Are Screwed…

  1. I was once camping in some place called Bagan Lalang when I found one of these critters in my tempat takungan air when I went to have my morning bath. It did not help that I was buck naked when I met her.

    The face-off was nasty (and impressive on my side, considering I had no clothes on), but after a couple of minutes, she withdrew and climbed to a corner on the wall/ceiling.

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