“Jom Protes” Carnival

Somehow, for us the hantus who just “love” the sight of roadblocks and cops, Sunday’s PROTES organised by Pakatan Rakyat was somewhat a letdown. No water canon trucks, no FRU “brothers” in full gear, no HK MP5, no tear gas canisters made in Federal Labs, Pennsylvania.

It was all mainstream, I’ll tell you that much. Like Sunday at the Karnival Jom Heboh.

After a Blog House event that stretched past midnight, some of us met for fish head curry in the wee hours. Guaranteed to give u all kinda GI problems, but who cares.

Understandably, I slept late and only arrived at PROTES site in Kelana Jaya stadium in the afternoon. The following are sights I saw. Very Tame….sheesh.

The only noteworthy thing about my afternoon sojourn at Kelana Jaya Stadium was the hearing the poets Dinsman and Pyanhabib.

Dinsman\'s words resonates with the crowd


Dinsman’s poem reproduced below.

Dia ingat dia masih berkuasa.

Tanda tanda kejatuhannya semakin jelas…dia tak nampak

Ingat dia, dia manusia maha

Tapi Rakyat Tengok Dia MACAM ORANG GILA

Rakyat semakin marah dia tak peduli

Ulamak tegur, Ulamak dia hina

Dia bukan lagi manusia biasa

Ingat dia, dia mahakuasa

Tapi Rakyat Tengok Dia MACAM ORANG GILA

Dengan Islam Hadhari itu

Dia ingat dia mahabijaksana

Tapi Rakyat Tengok Dia MACAM ORANG GILA

Tanda tanda kejatuhannya semakin ketara

Dia tak peduli, dia lupa fitrah manusia

Ingat dia, dia boleh terus berkuasa

Tapi Rakyat Tengok Dia MACAM ORANG GILA

Dan akhirnya tuan tuan dan puan puan

Rakyat tengok dia



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