Bala Retracts Statutory Declaration


PKR is absolutely surprised. Me? I’m speechless. Maybe, like Sheih says, no one dies a virgin, cos life screws us all. In Balasubramaniam’s case, two probability. One is, conscience made him retract what was a lie of a statutory declaration. Two, he’s in fear for his life and those of his family.

Yeah, who can you trust these days. The police? Pah! Speaking of the police, I read of joint exercises with the army recently.

In the light of what’s happening now, I wouldn’t be surprised that the PROTES scheduled for this Sunday in Padang Timur (that is now moved to Kelana Jaya Stadium) will see the presence of rifle-wielding “Abangs” in green, and army trucks on the road.


Man…this is getting more and more convoluted.

Private Investigation P.Balasubramaniam retracted part of his stunning Statutory Declaration yesterday. The juicy part where he had alleged that Najib introduced Altantuya to Razak, and that Altantuya “is susceptible to anal sex.”

Source: Malaysiakini

He said he was forced to make the SD yesterday. I did think the part about anal sex was a bit forced. His lawyer is missing. Meanwhile, I wonder what is happening with Saiful Bukhari.

What I think? At this point in time I’d trust a crack whore more than our politicians.

Enuff said.


2 thoughts on “Bala Retracts Statutory Declaration

  1. FEAR for the life of his loved ones and his person, is the prime mover in a case where a man FLIP FLOPS.
    Im just imagining , thats all.
    Just suppose ,suppose only lah, He was invited for Bakut teh,of course, being in his line of work, he needs to be pally2 with a DICK or two, and instead of bakut teh, he gets thrown into the lockup filled with “extras as in movie shoots” the worst of mankind,{in a second lets imagine the composition of his fellow “roommates”,}and upon being left in there and im sure his roommates could have been “briefed on the desired code of conduct to welcome him aboard and im sure some would have been arrested/harassed by HIM when he was still in active duty, to do the mambo chacha and fox trot on our Mani.I would imagine it was a long tea break for the sentries.There never are one when you need them.
    That would be enough for him to realise that he was under duress on the first SD.{standard deviation}
    Composition of “roommates”
    Tatooted from head to toe with snakes, dragons ,swords and krisses and kungfu arsenal, with hallucinating and teary eyed, body stench unbearable to a comodore dragon, Starring right into Manis mind,like saliva flowing from the mouth, blood stained clothes/shorts, opps roommates are only to wear PE shorts/underwear preferably crocodile brand.
    I understand that havana cigers/beers and “heroines” etc are banned but whats the problem when teachers and grandfathers asks a favour.
    Theres no bodily injuries visible so its an injury to the mind.It will be enough to soften any loving head of family if a Call comes into the room saying a lot of people are in the house and they are doing “things”.like replanting , rebranding, rearranging the furnitures , repainting the house, comestic surgery and full body massage with carpet laying tools and chappati rollers ala MIC.
    Thus, the distressed face ! HEY ! Whos going to pay for all the reno?. No body seems to be talking about the “new layer” Hey who d guy! guys ? No one seems to know the guy. Dr. Mani jagathesan lost his 100M dash medal to him?
    Well, we are living in “MAYALAND” anything goes.
    I wonder ! How is that a man well dressed with pressed shirt and pants ,with pen in shirt pocket suddenly transform to the way he posed for the second SD. His eyes look bewildered and dazed as though he was bull dozed along with the temple in shah alam. Whats in the garbage bag he has in his hand. Finger nail clippings ?Hair samples? previous days shirt?,so where did the t shirt come from, from a friendly donor the “vendor selling “second hand clothes early in the morning just before davidson road junction from petaling street”?or from the wardrobe in the room.
    Observe his facial colour before and after SD1 and SD2. He aged ! very much within less than 24 hours.Whats the magic ? It could be marketable to youngsters who want to look matured and pitiful ,maybe to attract a very “matured” woman. Money to be made on this formula.
    This imaginary situation is the result of me and mr. chivas doing the ODed tango, i will not be responsible for any assumptions made by any man,woman or it.Im just practising to be a fiction writer. There is a huge demand for fiction writers in MAYALAND

  2. Eh Sis.. What lunacy! When is all this going to end? And the blatant racism going on? Sheesh. I fear the worst is yet to come.

    Think about this, Sis. Can the PI come up with that juicylicious phrase “susceptible to anal…” all on his own? Unless he heard it verbatim. I’d like to know the true author of that damning line. Why can’t he just say, “ah, she likes blakang taroh” But susceptible? Good Lawd! Or is it lewd?

    Will somebody enlighten me please before I go dotty? Oh, I shouldn’t even use that word. Someone might say it’s subjudice…

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