RPK Kena Gasak, Bursa Malaysia Suspended

Since yesterday, many people have been deprived their daily dose of “hot” stuff at Malaysia Today. It’s been hacked. Still not up and running yet. If there is an alternate or mirror site, pls lemme know.

Here’s another bit. Bursa Malaysia has also suspended trading since this morning, citing hardware failure. Details like this one remind us that we are still very much Third World. I think backups did not exist or someone screwed with Plan B too.

Technology has become so intrinsic to our lives that a small glitch/breakdown can affect the whole country. Maybe its long past due that we pay attention to security and maintenance.

In the early 90s, an explosion at a power station in Paka, Terengganu affected the entire power grid in the Peninsular with hundreds of millions in losses, and lots of homes and offices in darkness.

This has recurred in somewhat smaller scale, twice since. Once in 1996 and once a couple of years ago affecting the central region.

Hackings happen so often, and for RPK it must be a fact of life. I guess he just needs to upgrade security at his site.

But Bursa Malaysia does trade. It is imperative that they fix this so it doesn’t recur. I wonder if such a breakdown happens in Singapore or Hong Kong.


2 thoughts on “RPK Kena Gasak, Bursa Malaysia Suspended

  1. coull it be that ‘big brother’ had just pulled the plug on all of us. Some great big news supposed to come out of PKR headquarters…

  2. Perhaps the powers that be want it inactive in view of DSAI PC with the “STAR” bala in the limelight.
    The past few days the market has seen programmed selling on rebound by biggies and
    most retail players are on the side lines .They feel that the drop today could be in the region of what matthias chang predicted. 900 or below.
    Newbies maybe buying .Its a very risky situation.
    Glcs are heading to years low.
    Local “fund managers” are trying to prop up the index at the expense of the peoples lifes savings.
    I like to see what happens at 2.30pm when it is anticipated to resume trading.
    Is it going to be “BOMBs AWAY” ?

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