Indians, Snakes and an Umno Bitch

Indians. This word in this context refers to Malaysians of Indian Origin

Snake. Refers to the legless reptile species that mostly glide and slither on the ground. Feared by most people because many of its are poisonous.

Umno Bitch. A female member of Umno. Often makes foot-in-the mouth, stupid, dangerous statements just to curry favour with the establishment “Abangs”. In this context, a particularly sickening specimen that survived the March 8 political upheaval to be a State Assembly rep from Sungai Rapat, Perak.

Seeing as how the Wanita Umno representation in the Cabinet has been so pathetically pruned, Umno Bitch’s snake or Indian rhetoric could be a valiant attempt at catching the attention of mass media, and hopefully again, the party elders, whom I heard are regular drinkers of the famed Kopi Jantan.

It’s about political survival, I guess. Even those ladies and “ladies” in Bukit Bintang and Chow Kit are reportedly throwing in “extras” together with discounts to ensure some trade in these difficult times where everything also naik, and therefore adversely affecting the crucial thing that hitherto always ensured the world’s oldest profession remain recession-proof.

Poor women. Poor Sungai Rapat. You gotta get what you can. Never mind if you imply that it is preferable to kill some 7% of the country’s population than to kill a snake.

I’m not saying a snake’s life is less than a human’s. God knows the snake population of Malaysia is threatened by this new-found taste for reptiles by some of our Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia-frequenting local fellas. But that is a whole other story that merits it own post.

Back to Sungai Rapat. (Pic borrowed without permission from Minaq Jinggo.)

She has since apologised for her statement. I think to begin with, if she takes exception to the Perak State Assembly Speaker’s double standards (and I don’t deny the may be such things), this should not be her first reaction.

That she equates the Speaker (who is of Indian descent) with snakes, (implicit rather than explicit) reflects a thoughtless person. If spontaneity is often held to be the true reaction, then this Wanita Umno bitch actually thinks its preferable to kill an Indian to a snake. She is the type of Melayu that triggers the equally knee-jerk Hindraf manifesto-writing Indian.

Makcik Pidah, this is the quality of women leaders you have in Umno.



6 thoughts on “Indians, Snakes and an Umno Bitch

  1. NH ,
    Ptui ptui ptui to your face ! What else to call a person of such “cleverness” with whom is she trying to score points or want to be noticed?
    Sungai rapat is worse than a mangy BITCH with pus flowing down her Over piled pothole. What does she teach her childern , To be laid by mangy dogs isit?
    I will call sungai rapat the worst F@@king bitch ever to wallow in a pig sty.
    Pity you boy !

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