Impunity and Misconceptions

I refer to this article reproduced by Malaysia Today from NST.

DPM Najib said popularity doesn’t entitle writers to act with impunity. I agree with him. I agree those who libel and slander others should not get away with it. But I believe that the remedies offered in civil law is adequate without you calling it sedition and subjecting writers to intimidation and torture.

When is sedition actually sedition? When your bapak says it?

Also, why is it that people in power can lie, cheat and rob people with impunity? Why is it ok?

I think i’m not writing with impunity when I say I don’t have faith in the police because two highly trained policemen who serve as bodyguards to PM and DPM stand accused of brutal murder.  The faith i invest is my right. The latter part of the sentence is reported fact.

I don’t think I’m writing with impunity when I root for Karpal Singh despite dozens of police reports and some death threats against him. I don’t think what he said in relation to Tengku Faris Petra’s speech was seditious.

 All of you mudah lupa? If what Karpal said was seditious, then Mahathir’s actions re: the Sultans in the 80s was seditious and so was Mat Tyson’s words.

Karpal reminded you and I that thanks to Dr Mahathir, even the royals are subject to the law. Why did Dr M do that? Because of the Gomez and Adam Jaafar incident. Say what you may, but I feel Dr M is a republican. And at that point there was evidence that the royalty acted with impunity.

This is also impunity, when you take a birds’ eye view of the matter I think. What do you think, right and left thinking Malaysians?

Don’t invoke this impunity and sedition stuff ikut kepentingan sendiri. Tomorrow you might have to jilat your own words.

The concept of accepting criticism is still not familiar to many Malaysians both rulers and the ruled since things were status quo for the longest time. Now that the people are questioning the authority in greater numbers, it must not be very easy for them to take it.

Najib himself is no stranger to saying things like “I don’t have to explain” in the past. Now if he keeps on saying that, it is like shooting himself in the foot laa. So he treads gingerly. Still, the spectre of Altantuya is far too big and of international proportions, to be just swept aside.

Still on the subject of impunity, don’t you think it is long past time that we put up with sweetheart deals that ensures that everywhere a Klang Valley resident turns, he has to pay toll?

Who is acting with impunity when 20 men with sticks and parangs go attack Bandar Mahkota Cheras residents who move the barricades that will allow them a shorter route out of their residential estate?  This dispute has been going on awhile. Don’t you think the courts can speed things up a bit?

Or are we waiting for the first killings to take place over this issue? As we all know, some people can kill with impunity over a misconception, while others do it for money or power.

And we writers CANNOT question it.


One thought on “Impunity and Misconceptions

  1. Forget about what “sedition” actually means in the dictionary – regardless of whether it’s the Oxford Advanced Learners or Kamus Dwi-bahasa.

    In Malaysia, it’s all about who considers what as sedition. Your standards don’t matter a crap.

    But I’m impressed. You’d think with the trouncing BN/UMNO received in the hands of the once meek Opposition, they’d rouse themselves out of denial. Hasn’t happened, and probably won’t.

    Stupidity like this is a whole new level of its own. Like I said, I’m impressed.

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