Male Chauvinist Katak!

The folks of Pasir Mas is indeed unfortunate. They have elected themselves a toad that demeans women in Parliament, and giggles to boot.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present the vile, putrid-mouthed Ibrahim Ali, and his antics at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday.

“Such problems happen because women cannot accept polygamy. From a preventive point of view, what about doing a big campaign so that women can accept polygamy?” he asked.

Ibrahim said women did not understand that when they were pregnant for nine months, or had “problems” when they hit their 50s, their men still wanted to “have fun”.

“So the man wants to marry again, and the wife gets jealous and asks for a divorce.” – The Star

Read full the story here.

Even Zahid Hamidi, the guy so intent on saving Sufiah , called Ibrahim “Katak” Ali a male chauvinist.

Males like this exist around the world in various guises, but it is makes the bile rise to think that all some men can think about when their wives are pregnant or menopausal, is sex.

He is insulting his own race too, by suggesting that men have nothing in their heads except sex, sex and more sex. Are you guys all like that? You will take any excuse to drop your pants? 

Author and columnist Dina Zaman brought wrote just yesterday of how men so conveniently invoke religion when it comes to getting their way with their wives.

There are thousands of issues affecting Malaysia and its people, and all this loser can do is heckle a fellow MP who brings up a legitimate grouse regarding wives’ rights in Parliament.

People of Pasir Mas, you are the loser here for electing this despicable character who has no qualms about making jokes out of women and the disabled.

I have plenty of torn slippers to throw at this guy. Anyone else wants to contribute?

How about starting campaign on “teaching” your MPs to behave?


2 thoughts on “Male Chauvinist Katak!

  1. We can at least try to report on the MPs that are doing a good job in the parliament instead of clowns lik this for a start. Too much publicity for such people is not worth it. It’s the same in the papers too.

    As for Ibrahim being a lousy MP, let the Pasir Mas people choose in the next elections whether they still want him or not.

  2. hhehehe… it didnt surprise me one bit that such stupid remarks come from the same toad who didnt know karpal’s an OKU. he must have thought the DAP man was sitting on a shopping cart all this while.

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