Batu Puteh: Tomorrow We’ll See

I’m revisiting this topic after months, and for one reason only. To tell those of you who DON’T read the papers, (I still do, albeit electronic ones), that the decision on the ownership of Pulau Batu Puteh will be announced tomorrow.

A Singapore media speculates on 4 possible outcomes.  The Malaysian side is so confident of a “positive outcome” that it is announced that this judgment will be carried live by RTM.

Now every country would fight tooth and nail for what it considers its territory, but I kinda get the feeling that the Singaporeans have put it to strategic use over the years. I mean military.

However, the Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Puteh, Horsburgh and South Ledge is closer to Malaysian shores and that has been the Malaysian legal team’s main contention over at The Hague.

Wrote more about this in November last year. 

The photoshopped picture that was tendered as pictorial evidence to support the Malaysian claim, was found out by blogger Simply Jean. What ensued was a storm in the blogoshere teacup.

Let’s hope that stupid move doesn’t hurt our chances.

I just wished Eddie Toh of Sophie’s World was around to see the judgment. He blogged a lot about this issue. Sadly this blogger went to meet his maker unexpectedly on March 30.

Rest in Peace, Man.


One thought on “Batu Puteh: Tomorrow We’ll See

  1. usually i dont think hard enough when i wanted to say something and this is no exception. the possible wrath by the lovable owner of this blog will completely be ignored as i’ll be making my (early) weekend disappearance right after i’ve said my piece.

    personally i cant see whats the big fuss about fighting over this piece of island. ok, to the leaders of both country, its about pride (and ego). in other words, its the kiasu-ness that has eaten some big chunk of their soul. i think its more about getting the bragging rights. whoever wins tomorrow will have a field day teasing on the loser. then the loser will be left heart broken and eventually die. then the winner will celebrate again when the loser hits the ground and left for the evil vultures to dig in on their wounded ego. the soul then to leave the dead body and avenge on their defeat. then the winner will tease the soul for being a sour-grape. the lost soul will then bury its head in a dump because of the shame it’s brought to his country. no, actually he was crying…no wait…i think…the soul cried because something ate part of him. could be his torso.

    all the best to both countries anyway. lets see who’ll get to brag come tomorrow…could it be pak dol? or err…the singapore prime minister. yea, that guy.

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