Dr M’s Resignation: Marah Nyamuk Bakar Kelambu?

Raja Petra Kamarudin is fond of using this Malay saying that means, being angry with the mosquito, you set fire to the mosquito net. Calamitous move, in any case.

I suppose this applies to Tun Dr Mahathir, Malaysia’s erstwhile PM who made an unforgettable Wesak Day with this shocking announcement that he is quitting UMNO.

I’ve often seen politicians making statements like “put the party first” and its many variants, and not having been part of a political party EVER, these statements baffled me.

Because lots of these scumbag politicians (was that a redundant phrase?) have made these calls, and I’ve always wondered why? Why put the party first when the people suffer? Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Anyway, Dr M is and has always been Macchiavelian. (That is not to say that Niccolo Macchiaveli was Satan-incarnate. He was merely putting forth his theories on statecraft). This is quite apart from what I see as a very clear and hands-on approach to administration.

Dr M has guts. His political record during the 22 years at the helm of Malaysia hasn’t exactly been stellar, but his governance to a large extent helped this country forward. Many of you may disagree with me, and so you may state your disagreement in the comment section. But I take my hat off to the man.

However, Just like I found  the Royal Commission’s recommendations last week that the Lingam six be investigated, somewhat too politically-expedient, I find Dr Mahathir’s move today to be a calculated one.

What does he hope to achieve? Destabilise an already shaky Umno ship? He’s doing a fine job of it? Is this going to be a death knell for Umno or Pak Lah?

Both, I would say. This also means that the populace is now split four-ways. The Pas supporters and members, the PKR lot, the  Mahathirist Umno members and the Abdullah Umno camp.

Shahrir Samad has said maybe we should prepare for another general elections. I wonder if that is a wise move for the BN governemnt now. Everything that happened after March 8 polls have not been good for them.

A trawl around the blogs that posted Mahathir’s shock quit move showed mixed reactions from the commenters.

Dr M perhaps should not count on the rakyat to react favourably to this move. There will be forces within Umno (and of course the powerbrokers who control that the puppet strings) will try their hardest to ensure that the status quo is preserved.

Maybe the nation’s stability’s at stake here. And Dr M is not helping. He wants Pak Lah out. However, he has retired and many perceive that he should not meddle. I don’t think Pak Lah deserves to be PM anymore, not if the country is to firmly tackle the economic storm ahead.

I’m thinking, many of the leaders he has in Umno are there because of Dr M. Either there are simply too many seedy sleazy Malay politicians within Umno ranks to make Dr M’s pickings slim or he wanted them there for his own reasons.

Because of this, we have the likes of the insubstantial Pak Lah, the outwardly spineless but ultimately dodgy Najib, the widely seen-to-be-lightweight Muhyiddin as heir-apparents.

Shahrir Samad and Rais Yatim are not outwardly ambitious enough to take the helm of Umno but both have shown some steel in their character that may make them seem a bit too “independent” for Umno stalwarts’ comfort.

Rais has a tendency to rub people the wrong way too. That is not to say this guy may not be capable. And in the event of succession, these two fellas seem to be the the only ones not widely seen to be pro-Dr M or Pak Lah. But then, I may be wrong.

You know something? As a Malaysian who has seen what an ugly, rotten behemoth Umno has become, the party going to pieces is something good for Malaysia.

Dr M’s contention that Malays are losing sovereignty in their own land is a statement he has to rethink, for all its supremacist-connotation.

I’m very much disappointed with Dr M’s endangered Kedaulatan Melayu contention today. Was that meant to rile the disenchanted Umno mob?

Ketuanan Melayu the way Umno practiced it resulted in a lot of injustice in this country. It was more like Umno hegemony, if you ask me. Which is why Anwar Ibrahim’s Ketuanan Rakyat resonated so well with the people.

Anwar might have his agenda too, but hey, maybe Malaysians are tired of being screwed by the same bunch of people. Maybe they want a different set, who’d be a little kinder.

 Malays are the tuans in this country aren’t they? I mean, the PM is a Malay. All our Sultans are Malay. We do not dispute that at all do we?

This is not about Kedaulatan Melayu at all. This is about Umno losing power, and they are shit scared they will lose it forever. But why did they lose it? Because the minority races in Malaysia got together for an anti-Melayu stand?

No way! All that is happening now, is because of lousy governance, inequality in so many areas from education to socio-economics.

 From an ambitious autocrat (Dr M has contributed a lot to the nation’s growth, I believe) to a weak but somewhat nice guy who is seen as having lost control of his government. 

It is not the Chinese Indians and the lain lains that are conspiring against the Malays. It is the corrupt Umno and its “beggar” coalition partners who were brought down to their knees.

And that is a good thing, isn’t it? 


10 thoughts on “Dr M’s Resignation: Marah Nyamuk Bakar Kelambu?

  1. Mahatir ! ! What man ! Both the DEVIL and the SAINT in one packaging.
    Its going to boil over like “ponggul” which it turn will affect everybody, not mahatir desicion to quit, but the turmoil in BN. If one heard Dr.M was saying, it would be no surprise that a carnage might occur. ” The non malays are not respecting the malays”, This is BULL. Using race,religion and creed to achieve ones desire is the lowest one can go. Solve your problem by dialog not excuses.What has the nons done to umno?, untuk bangsa, negara dan agama thingy, driving a wedge between malays and nons, etc WILL affect everyone.

    Once you retire, Retire lah for good, why mess around. HE became more agressive in his condemnation of aab after the appointment of the cabinet.WHY ? Mukiriz was not given a post is it ? I know aab is a former govt. servant, he is just being one. No action but gaya ada lah !
    I hate and love Dr.M all at the same time,i even attended the all faith thing at blog house but for him to MERAJUK like this is quite uncalled for. UMNO baru is only 20 years old and not 62 as stated by him. His no. is no.1.

    If AAB wants to continue as PM, he got to exile KJ and most of the cabinet to st. helena, maybe things will cool down. Maybe !
    For supporters and well wishes of PR, i hope you will make your move now, I hope All MIC, MCA, PPP, GERAKAN sabah and sarawak members join PR . I was never a member of any political party, but now, i will make a beeline to the nearest PR centre to register with most of my friends and i am going to lobby my community’s congress to join PR en bloc. PR is the only HOPE for malaysians. Lets put this corrupt BN to pasture.At least all those draconian laws will be repealed as promised by PR.

    CHOSE the lesser evil [PR}over the greater EVIL{BN} for the future of all malaysians. Give the dignity back to the people.I believe that MPs crossing over to PR is not in reality a crime or fraud but a choice between the lesser evil over the greater evil.What matters most now is the survival of the people . VERY HARD times are already knocking on the door.

    Lets take a simple example, Supposing there is war and say a hundred people took refuge/hiding from the advancing enemy forces,and suddenly a baby begins to cry for milk, the mother has a choice, “silence” the baby OR “sacrifice” all 100 people who will be shot to death if found out. What is your choice. I for one will silence the baby in order to save the 100. Moral ,immoral, sin or whatever you call it, its the LAW of DUTY.{BGita} Sometimes its not a sin to sin if the motive is to make life easier for people.

    Mahatir raped the component parties of BN and quote LKY, “we are beggars in BN”uq. Deprived them of a future ,mutilated the nons with his policies and caused the demise of so many promising ventures. To name some casualties AUTO DUNIA, FIT, IIT, SEGI,ATC, KAH MOTORS, UEM, TAN CHONG, aiyah soooooo many more all in the name of equitable redistribution. They take over these companies by making it difficult to meet the requirements to operate and buy it over for a song. ASK ERIC chia. I know that there are so many “CHAIRMENS} who do not know the nature of the business or where the company/factory is located and you pay them through your ARSE. Not fair really its EXTORTION of the first degree. Now watch DIGI. Unnecssary restrictions are placed on it.

    I too was affected by the “official” 30% but in fact the “unofficial 40% won the day. No donating of equity, no business for you. Vincent tan had to bend over in the early days ,even now he has not stood straight.The reasons which is given to deny you your business sounds impressive one too many.

    But, WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GETS GOING” many survived by hook or crook , you play ,they play, only play play lah.With the BN govt. Its only MONEY TALKS.
    Best of luck to you malaysia.
    sorry for the detour.

  2. OR
    As the” malay male”says “run to puket,and @222 all the sex changed pondans to glory. Mahatir needs to go for a ‘tuning’ of his faculties.
    Funny, with what he said about the cooperation and etc etc between the BN component parties, now he uses the RACE CARD to sway umno members to his cause. I wish ,before he does untold damage to malaysia and umno, he has to go on an eternal rest. Period. I think he misses tjhe attention and perks of a PM. Nobody forced him out like what he did to his ‘boss” . Lets all hope nothing comes out of his race card gimmick or a lot of misery will be experienced by one and all. I hope he will sleep well fast.

  3. Mahathir is just being the leader that I know – strong, determined and with an agenda. Regardless of what he did or did not do for the country, I must agree that he put Malaysia forward.

  4. he he he…. the next move of cos he Kasparov will walk the street without underwear(seeking for attention)…. now he started counting the numbered days……… even Mu ki lis dah jadi bedebah , durhaka, tak nak kuluar umeno…. I takut Tun sumpah mu ki lis jadi batu….. can we call Mu ki lis Tanggang????

  5. Interesting statement about the malays now being split “four ways”. In my opinion, keep on doing this and the Malays themselves will pay dearly. It’s quite funny to see why is it so. In the end they will be the ones fighting among themselves and the rest of us can sit down and watch.

    Is national unity such a far cry out these days?

  6. J.T.
    Mahathir was running the country like a fiefdom,he who disagrees, get whacked. His Way or No Way. That Fu44ing man did not do anything for anybody, if at all he did anything ,it was for the gain of his machais, He split up everything, introduced laws which are VERY unfriendly to the average joe .
    He wanted the word “MEGA” in everything he approved.
    I was there ,i know, from the inner circle/ mind of a business person ,let me share the FCKING feeling . You get screwed every inch of the way and the funniest part is, you cannot tell anybody about whats happening.
    Many a BLOGIST { new word ah ? }i patent it lah !. loves and hates to support him.
    If you say M did very well, i beg to disagree. He did what he thought was right in his twisted mind. He used strong arm tactics to get business people to do what he wanted.
    Strong.determined and with an agenda ! ! ! ? ? ?
    Strong is apparent ,Determined if you have all the necessary tools with you, Agenda ? what agenda did he really have ? KETUANAN MELAYU ?Shouldnt it be have been KETUANAN RAKYAT ?
    I know that what ever he did was to enrich a few at the expense of many.
    WHERE the fu@k is halim, tajudin, amin shah .that fella and this fella @ his blue eyed boys.What happened to TIME, TRI,PSCI, KUB,UEM,timedot com. Do you know how much the retail investors lost? Mahathir !I just cant at the spur of the moment bring out all the SHIT .I have been in it ,i know the kind of shit it was.What happened to pantai? Why was it running at a loss.Hello, a lot lah friend.
    Now he is about to unleash a fury which he himself is unaware.The end result, the price of any blue chip stock might be 5% of what it is worth today. Wanna Bet ?Mannnnnnn ,he is playing a very very dangerous game.
    I dont think the average malay, chinese,indian and dll will have time to worry about Ms phobia. Ketuanan melayu. That senile old man needs medical treatment now and fast before you see the rivers are red in colour.
    Maybe ,just, maybe, his thinking might be, IF I DONT HAVE IT, THEN NO ONE MUST HAVE IT.
    Look lah M, if you want to put forward a point, talk at the various meetings you have.Put your point forward and just do it in the meeting hall. DONT merajuk like a mental case.Putting the average joe at risk like the most scary date in the malaysia. DONT RILE UP THE IMBECILES to do what you think is fair game not at the expense of the rakyat.
    Hey, i figure ,this might happen !
    If aab finds that he is unable to withstand the present onslaught, he will have to find ways and means to suspend parliment and bring about an emergency rule, so many ways maaaaa,.MARTIAL LAW thats what i mean. STORY OVER.
    Then the cleaning up takes place. mukriz and all who is thought to be anti, will find their way to hell.
    MAHATHIR damn you, dont play with the lives of the ordinary malay, chinese ,indian and dll.
    You were forced to vacate as you did your boss. Take it in stride lah my friend. Go horsing ,boating or toasting ,why you want to create a mess.
    Furthermore, if M believes in fair and square games,then i ask , Why was a malay gentleman who asked if anwar could join umno was manhandled by Ms goons. HE WANTS IT HIS WAY MAN ? If you dont agree then you are my enemy, thats what i think M wants.
    MAKKAL SAKTI has shown the way to the malays chinese ,indians and Dlls. So far, selangor ,penang and perak is doing much more fine than under BN. Of course lah ! the Bn goons have to spark a fire. We understand it lah.
    I dont really know where its going to end, this silly game of MAHATHIR
    God have mercy on malaysia, my home !.

  7. WTBF
    He was responsible for the 13 th no body want to hear about. I know first hand through whoever that BB , harun ,razak, etc they arranged it, planned it rather. Now guys are talking about how great that bloody mad man is !
    Im not a 20 or 30 or 40 something, i have seen it all. Just like the rest, i wanted to make my bucks{not bugs} so i too towed the line.
    Not now, because im out of patronizing bastards . I need not worry about the annual licences. I did it my way too.
    I am sorry for the torture i gave you by reading what i posted. IT IS THE FACT. M is good at playing goodie goodie, we pun follow lah, what to do ! we too had to survive kan ! Now, after lessons in life, heaven and hell, i experienced that CASH is not KING, but love for human kind is EMPEROR.
    Yes, man, i took the religious route now, WHY ? i have all that is to have BUT i have NOTHING.
    BE a Man and read HARRIS Ibrahim the peoples parliment. That guy is not a yo yo .

  8. On your statement rajan that Pakatan Rakyat is doing “much more fine” than BN in the 5 states. It’s too early to tell. Me being in Selangor is certainly not pleased about how the new MB is handling things. So it’s too early to tell, and certainly is nothing to shout about. It is far from “fine” for now at least.

  9. I agree with daniel that the “much more fine” is probably over optimistic. So far PR’s moves has been largely populist and as with many new brooms, they sweep clean.

    I understand rajan that you are venting, but to imply Dr M is an outright despot is probably not right.

    If I were you I’d be more careful with pegging people. There are so many things I learnt about blogophere, its people, politics, and the layers upon layers of deception that I’d think 10 times before villifying most people, outright.

    I said MOST people. Some are just too transparent that even an amateur like me can see thru them.

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