Lying Lawyer, Lying Judge

Looked like him, sounded like him, and now five people on the Royal Commission to probe the famous Correct Correct Correct tape have determined that IT IS HIM.

It also found that the guy he was talking to IS the ex-Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim. Lawyer Lingam denied that it was Fairuz he was talking to on the phone, when the video was taken.

He said he didn’t have Fairuz’s number and Fairuz didn’t have his. The ex-Chief Justice also denied that he was speaking to Lingam.

The commission’s report just publicly affirmed that they are both liars. Does the Pak Lah administration have the courage to pursue this?

Zaid Ibrahim, do you have the courage to press on with this putrid can of worms? This is not about apology. This is about punishing people in the legal system. The black coat and black robed men of law who seem to have been responsible for some flagrant abuses.

This is also part of restoring public confidence in a broken, battered and held-to-ransom judiciary. Some kinks must be straightened out.

As long as the law and the authorities continue to be seen as crooks, liars, swindlers and thieves, the public will continue to distrust anything the government says.

I leave you today…with the following passage from The Star, to ponder.

…..commission found sufficient reason for the relevant authorities to take appropriate action against those implicated for breaches of the Sedition Act, the Penal Code, the Official Secrets Act, the Legal Profession Act and other laws. 


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