PDRM Should Shift To Merdeka Square

I’d like to propose to the government of Malaysia to move the Royal Malaysian Police Headquarters to move from the present premises in Bukit Aman, down to the Sultan Abdul Samad Building fronting Dataran Merdeka.

This way, government can save a lot of petrol money, and all the police vehicles and water canon trucks can be permanently stationed on the wide paved boulevard.

I’m saying this because this seems a logical solution. Everytime the Malaysian public wants to gather at the place, the police turn up in droves, like jealous husbands.

Even last night during a planned candlelight vigil in support of Raja Petra Kamarudin, who incidentally, is back home this morning.

I suggest the police and the public swap places. You take Sultan Abdul Samad Building and give us the Bukit Aman place. After all, that place is hardly peaceful all the times you cops have been there.

Bukit Aman is very near the Lake Gardens, which is a favourite with the public. It is also a far more tranquil and conducive place to gather, away from the roads (so there will be no traffic jam).

So we, the public, can all gather peacefully and bring the “Aman” back to the “Bukit”. Because right now, you guys won’t even let us light a bloody candle.

Lawyer-Blogger Haris Ibrahim lighted one last night and you guys took him away to Dang Wangi station for a chat. We were told that Haris might be charged for “Open Burning”. But then he came back unscathed, probably because the Department of Environment fellas don’t wanna do overtime.

So, dear IGP what say you if we “tukar tempat”? At least, nest time when you come to spy on our activities, the trees and foliage would provide better cover for your “skodeng” troops.

Do think about this…seriously man. If ur agreeable to discuss this, but don’t wanna leave a comment, you can always chat me on Facebook.

My Id is Alif Ina Polistet.


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