While Zakaria Built a Mansion….

While some folks enjoyed the Monsoon Cup, 

While some ministers chomped to fat cigars in Kuala Lumpur’s best humidors,

While other folks had a cosy party at Seri Perdana to celebrate Malaysia’s 50th anniversary of independence last August,

While Zakaria Md Derus was enjoying life in a 16-room mansion in Klang,

Some people have been subsisting on less than 50 ringgit a month. Folks in Abaco Estate in Selangor (supposed to be the richest state in Malaysia) have no running water and no toilet facilities, hell !

After reading these reports by The Star’s Edward Rajendra and Geetha Krishnan, I can’t help but think, what the *&^#% have those successive MIC fellas appointed too look into their plight has done?

And Mr Samy, what have you been doing? Yes, I have heard so many instances of Samy Vellu helping folks. The true stories as well as the cynical ones.

I know the Ijok thug Sivalingam (he’s dead now) used to do anything but help the downtrodden etate folks (oh, he was in Xavier Jayakumar’s portfolio before in case you people also mudah lupa).

So Mr Samy, are you unaware of your Indian “makkals” drinking foul-smelling water? Or were you aware and tried to get government help, but were rudely snubbed by he Umno Napoleons in the Cabinet?

You say tears come to your eyes when you hear of your people’s plight. Cry now! Cry till you go blind. While you are at it, go get your two yes-men; fighter-cock (I don’t need Indian votes to win) Sothinathan and (I’m a wimp who will wait quietly for my boss to die) Palanivel.

Where are they now? You wanna fight Hindraf’s cause? No need, cos other people have been doing it longer and with more conviction.

You should devote what is left of your life righting the wrongs you have done in all these decades at the helm of MIC.

As for Dr Jeyakumar, I have this to say. “I hope your broom stays new, always. Cos then it will always sweep clean”.

When you run out of brooms, ask Khir Toyo. I believe he has some in storage.



12 thoughts on “While Zakaria Built a Mansion….

  1. Well said !
    While BN cronies were/are having a whale of a time sharing a “small” piece of a “big” pie,the people, be it malays,chinese indians dll, were sleeping after a nice soothing lullaby from the powers that were and still are,{ i hope not for long if dsai can pull it off}.

    $$$K samy velu off to zorros chambers .That pest played drama only to keep the indians in slumberland. Then the hindraf boys came galloping to the fore and flushed off SVs legacy to the toilets.

    Mic politics were based more on caste but the hindraf boys got it flattened in a jiffy and were supported from all spectrum of malaysian indian society for a variety of reasons. If you notice the make up of the mic, it does not include the coporate sector and the indians owners or major share holders in PLCs except for ksnijar and a few kedai kain and roadwork sub contractors, for fear of being challenged .

    There are quite a number of corporate people who could lead mic but *** nooooo dont want lah aiyooh come on lah, you want me to die ah ! you joking ah ! this is what they normally say when asked about joining mic.

    SV helps people ? Not unless there is publicity and political mileage to be gained. Usually in the form of a few hundred RM. Book launches if he is the VIP , funerals ,usually done in cash in front of all those present to see how good he is and of course with the grand entrance that he usually arranges with his goons, There is no sincerity in his actions.

    Currently he is playing the game “catch the last straw” as in a drowning man or is it the” last straw that broke the camels back”. I heard someone say that the missus is staying at Scotts villa and invites Swami jis to well ah “pray” lah while the master goes horse riding in india and ohhhhhh sprained his back while riding a mare or a stallion, i wonder which was which or was it a gelding.

    THERE is NO NEED to reinvent MIC. Let it lay or be laid, who cares.
    I am very sure MIC is VERY DEAD. The young malaysian indians are not into
    MIC games but are more towards PKR, DAP or even PAS but never can mic be the mic for the malaysian indians.

    Sara ! Yes ! go see him at the hokkien mee stall opposite the HBKL ,the shop is just opposite the bus stop along HBKL. See the company he keeps after 11. “Dont mess” is their motto im sure !

    Sorry people just had a few minutes on my hands so i let my finger do the bitiching. Hahaha
    Pray and pray very hard that DSAI can pull it off. Then starts a new dawn for malaysian malaysia. Till then keep on praying ,thats the least we can do or keep on hating barang naik till the next mother of all tsunami hehehe.

  2. Wouldnt it be very nice and sweet if the MPs from MIC and MCA decide to join PR to contribute their services to the people and serve them well as they so well claim.
    This i say to them. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, serve the people who chose /voted for you by applying to join PR NOW. Enough is enough to MPs from MCA and MIC .You had been a “boy” to the lords. Show your sincerity to serve the people by joining PR NOW
    Reconditioned balls available at all PR service centres free of charge. Lets see you be a part of KETUANAN RAKYAT NOW.
    I hope people who choose the present set of MPs from MIC and MCA write or demand that they join PR.
    Wishful thinking it may be ! Driver, body guard and police guard at entrance to homes, free this free that , share here share there , cutting ribbon here there, state functions ,impressive uniforms gold braiding Ahhhhhhhhh Quite a handful of perks to consider missing. Wives dreaming of a black knight in merces with “menteri ‘ logo .Its a handful to forgo.
    So why bother about a few million rakyat . Just too bad . Self service counter at barang naik joints.
    Perhaps the Peoples parliament could do us the honor of initiating a petition to our YBs to consider serving the people via PR.
    Will i be ISAed for inciting MPs to do the needful service to the rakyat?

  3. Not worked up but very bored with all the “drama minggu ini ” episodes in Mic. Want to puke when reading SV vs Toyol episode.
    These guys assumes that people are idiots just like them.
    Real $$$ked up with this new bout between SV & Toyol

  4. The best chance to see the actual conditions of the people in places like Batang Berjuntai and their opinion of the late Sivalingam was the Ijok by-election. I should know I was there. It is unbelievable that there are Malaysians living in such conditions in this day and age. Forgive my shock but I was raised in a town and none of the kids I went to school with lived in such conditions. MIC did not only sit by simply watching the entire scene but made matters worse by going after those who tried to get the government’s attention to help the poor lot. Truly a sad sad state of affairs.

  5. let the MIC die and folks will be better off…..

    and whilst we are on that, not forgetting that UMNO and MCA need to be euthanased.

  6. To the Ananda Krishnans of Malaysia: You have accumulated a billion times more money over the years than the average Malaysian Indians. Tell us frankly – did you work a billion times harder than the average Malaysian Indian to earn that much money?
    Have a heart. Give a little back to the poor. Try to remember that you you were once human too, before you became a living bank.

  7. Rm50 a month, for 20 working days means Rm1000 a month.

    The proposed minimum wage by MTUC to the government was RM900, and even that was shot down.

    There are a lot of poor people in Malaysia, and the Prime Minister openly admits it, it’s not an issue of Malay, Chinese or Indian, it’s the way Malaysian society and our economy work to continually marginalize the poor. It’s a great national shame, that we use to have the worlds tallest building, but barely 30 minutes away, we have people begging, not because they choose to, but because they have to.

    For all of those who think that the poor are poor because they’re lazy, rethink your position. Given the asian cultural context, begging is everyones last option, people are poor because of the lack of opportunities, RM50 a day, is a god-send for some Malaysians, who continue to live in Dire Poverty.

    I was a polling agent was Dr. Xavier, let’s hope he does some good for the poor.

    *visit my blog for my take on the poor of Malaysia

  8. Does Samy Vellu really care, or for that matter, does the previous BN government really care for the plight of the Indian Estate workers?. Not a bit, and the ‘sacking’ of the BN led government in Selangor last general elections, is proof of the rakyat’s frustration. I now wonder, what criteria was used by Khir Toyo to declare Selangor a develop state.

  9. Malaysians will live in peace and prosperity when Malaysians stop supporting racist political parties.

    Before the 12GE, there was alot of talk about registering people without ICs and birth certificates. The exercise was carried out with such enthusiasm and publicity that it gave the impression that all these people’s woes are going to be addressed in a short while. Now, we don’t hear anything about it. Not only that I hear rumours that the powers that may be are making it difficult to progress the matter.

    So much for the sincerity of the goons in the BN government.

  10. i believed most leaders or party leaders only thinks of themselves more. they never thinks of the raayat.See how arrogant our leaders are especially, the BN. God knows these people make millions for themselves n families.Personally, i do regret of voting for them, especially UMNO.

  11. Thanx people for visiting. I hope with a new state govt in five states, they will at least try to elevate these hardcore poor’s living standards.

    These hardcore poor people exist not just in Selangor, but also in Terengganu and Sabah.

    I hope, before we chase the megaprojects, we can chase away poverty.

    We owe this to our less fortunate brethren.

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