A Lesson in the Importance of an Independent Judiciary

The old robed ones on the hallowed benches are saying “balls!” to the Gordon Brown Labour Administration in the United Kingdom.

From The Guardian

The government was censured over its anti-terror laws in the courts again yesterday when a judge ruled that five men had had their assets frozen unlawfully after being labelled terrorists by the Treasury.

The five, all British nationals, have never been convicted of any terrorist offence and said the orders had had a “humiliating and devastating” effect.

Mr Justice Collins, sitting at the high court in London, ruled in favour of the men, saying a “fair and just” consideration of who should have their assets frozen was impossible in most cases. He said that the government had bypassed scrutiny by parliament in introducing the orders.

Judges are all that stand between you and hostile government should the government choose to make life shitty for you.

Don’t you think they are a very crucial means of checking a hawkish government? I know there are pros and cons to the decision above, but hey, the judge said it was unconstitutional didn’t he? He knows what he’s talking about.

That he made that decision while living in a country that is an Al Qaeda target and has been subject to acts of terror, would tell you something about upholding the spirit of the law and justice through the most trying times.

We certainly have something to learn from these lions of the law. You know guys, we had some too. Let’s bring them back.


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