Raba Raba….Nanti Masuk Longkang


The police report has apparently been withdrawn. Hmm…

Me wonders, just why some politicians seem to have more trouble with skirts that others.


Endau Rompin (straddles Pahang and Johor) apparently is quite a dense tropical rainforest and it could be kinda dark and leafy inside, people who have been there told me.

So I guess it would be understandable, even necessary, for one to raba raba or feel your way around.

But to do it in Brickfields?

Hard-T is more direct with this juicy piece that I’m sure will blow all over town today, if it hasn’t already.

Whatever it is, I hope the woman involved, who is brave enough to lodge a report, doesn’t end up dead with her hands tied up behind her back with her own bra.


One thought on “Raba Raba….Nanti Masuk Longkang

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