Hillary Wins Pennsylvania

With 42% of the precints reporting, the American media heavyweights felt comfortable enough to report the feisty Hillary Clinton as the winner in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary.

This means the New York Senator is very much in the running to be chosen as the Democratic Presidential candidate over the charismatic Barack Obama of Illinois.

Washington Post has more here.

And a look at this map tells you how the score is between Clinton and Obama so far. (Not inclusive of the Pennsylvania results). No prizes for guessing who is leading, but the US is funny in terms of which electoral college counts more. Baffling.

Must say though that this will be a tight race…and it gets tighter as the weeks advance. Some zippers are gonna burst soon 🙂

Personally though, I don’t mind either of them at the helm.

It’s that GOP hawk that does the Bomb Iran jig that scares me. Yeah, the fact that John McCain was a Vietnam Vet makes it all the more unforgivable for him to take the stance he does.

Americans though, are a strange lot. Some (hopefully not that many) are so willfully insular that you get statements like this.

Who knows, they might decide they want neither a skirt nor a coloured in the White House and decide to choose McCain. In which case, America would have regressed.

But that is just the opinion of me, a humble Netizen. One, in an ocean of 75 million blogs (and growing).


One thought on “Hillary Wins Pennsylvania

  1. This one came to my mail. I thot it belongs here- galadriel

    Quite a interesting article on HILLARY. We are deffinetly in a trying time in our country, but voting for a WOMAN just because she is a woman or a Clinton is not a wise choice. I am all for womans rights. A woman can be anything she wants, including PRESEDENT.

    The only problem I have is that HILLARY is not that woman. We as a country cannot afford to hand out free medical, free education, and tax breaks that she wants to install. I do agree that every American deserves these bennifits, but some things are just not attainable.

    Call me insencitive but I allways look at the glass as half full. There is one thing great about our country, we all have the right to voice our opinions.

    Allthough I don’t agree with some of your views, I do respect your comments.

    David Witherow

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