Have Everyone Forgotten Lojing?

On April 22, Earth Day is celebrated in various ways throughout the world.

Even Google went Green.

Yahoo?  Yahoo got involved.

And Me? I shall take this opportunity to revisit a topic i raised more than a year ago. Read Logging Destroying Lojing.

The issue was first reported in The Star, and it gained heat in blogosphere until it became a farce with a lot of finger-pointing going on by Umno and PAS fellas. Raja Petra Kamarudin had more dirt that you should read to refresh your memory.

The cast included Sazmi Miah, then the Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment,  Annuar Musa, then Umno flag-bearer in Kelantan, PAS’ Husam Musa who clarified the issue.

Fast forward to November 2007. Sazmi Miah said he would meet with the Attorney General to deliberate charges on those responsible for the rape of Lojing.

This year arrived. March 8 arrived, and Sazmi Miah, as well as Annuar Musa and Awang Adek are all tsunami-ed into oblivion.

So, what has happened regarding the Lojing Highlands in Kelantan? Is logging and farming continuing to erode the hills? Is conservation and the environment in general, something that the government will pay attention to only if there is political mileage to be gained?

It would be nice to have answers. I wanna be optimistic, unlike the Penembak Badak who was prophetically sure last year the issue will soon be forgotten. Why don’t we keep it alive Sheih?

Those who rape the earth must pay. And the rape must be stopped.


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