Come See My Zoo

Sometimes I think mankind is like a blight on Earth’s surface. We have been raping and pillaging this world for ages. Sometimes we hear of things like “they behave like animals”.

Believe me, that statement is actually a grave insult to animals.

No animal would commit this atrocity. They kill for food, or when threatened. Us? We kill, maim and commit other assorted cruelties needlessly.

Some tow kays in Sarawak are very rich. Rich enough that they want their own zoo. With rare animals theat they pay trappers to get them from the lush forests of Borneo. Is there no end to this kind of rubbish?

No. There won’t be until we Malaysians as a collective decide that, it is not ok to wipe out our wild animals for self gratification.

Of course, most of you Malaysians know that there is healthy demand for things like Rhino Horn (powdered), Tiger Testicle (dried) not only Malaysia, but the entire East Asia. Tiger parts are not even guaranted to work and are mistakenly thought of as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Let this site tell you otherwise.

Why? Some men think these are either aphrodisiacs or can help them “improve performance” or increase the size of that all-important organ.

See? We kill for sexual gratification, for status, for power, for money.

 pic from WWF Malaysia

For the record, let me tell you this. There are FIVE types of tigers now in existence.  All of them are on the Asian continent. All of them are dwindling in numbers.

Bengal Tiger (Panthera Tigris Tigris) – Endangered status, due to poaching and habitat loss

Siberian  Tiger (Panthera Tigris Altaica) – Critically Endangered due to poaching.

Sumatran Tiger (Panthera Tigris Sumatrae) – Critically Endangered, due to habitat loss (agriculture) and poaching

Indochinese Tiger (Panthera Tigris Corbetti) – Endangered status, due to hunting for Chinese medicine

Malayan Tiger (Panthera Tigris Malayensis) – Endangered status, due to habitat loss.

As for the Rhinoceros….

Malaysia used to be home to both Sumatran Rhinos and Javan Rhinos. But the Javan Rhinos no longer exist in Malaysia. Apparently there are a few in Indonesia and they are critically endangered.

 pic from

Sumatran Rhinos will suffer the same fate within my generation because of habitat loss and poaching. Attempts to breed them in captivity has also been disastrous.

Sun Bears such as the one that suffered such a cruel death last week in Sarawak, are considered Vulnerable. That is not as bad as Endangered or Critically Endangered, but still, it is a threatened species.

To hear two pieces of new pieces of negative news concerning wildlife in Sarawak in one week is terrible. That journalist did good in exposing this shoddy state of affairs in Taib Mahmud country.

The UNDP said laws are all fine, but enforcement sucks.

Something is indeed rotten in the Sarawak.

It stinks more than the carcass of that poor dead bear.



2 thoughts on “Come See My Zoo

  1. Dear Anu:

    If things gets out of control(as if its gonna get better) our future generations will only see tigers and others in zoos no more. It’ll be the National Geographic channel or the Animal Planet channel.

    In the zoos, the management will put up big billboards of the various tigers.Or better still in each cages they’ll put those high tech plasma TV with bluRays and whatnots rerunning the particular animals habits(eating,sleeping,prancing etc). And they might put stuff animals there beside the TV screen so that kids can touch and stroke the’animal’.

    Or maybe we will be very high tech by then. We can make robotic animals which can act and behave like the animals with a click of the remote control or a clap of the hands.

    And the belief of animal parts as aphrodisiacs…men dari dulu kini dan selamanya will always feel inferior with their not so vital vital organ.
    LOL! That is coming from me ,a man.

    Have a nice week sis.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Tokasid 🙂 The sad truth is out environment, indigenous people, animals, plants and heritage are at risk.

    Your prognosis is a bleak one. buit who knows…it might just be the future if we don’t do something.

    Soon we’ll be a feature on National Geographis, and an entry at the US Library of Congress archives

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