You Give Them Mandate…Then You Bend Over

For 50 years, (ok, maybe more since the first elections was held in 1955), Malaysians have been returning the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition to power with this two-third majority. Even in 1969. Until March 8, 2008 that is.

What most Malaysians have done is basically give carte blanche to a government that increasingly thought our job is to elect them and no one else, and then shut up for the next four years.

Because we gave them the two-third majority, the BN government saw it fit to repeatedly rape the Federal Constitution; the sacred covenant of the people of this country.

Not one, not even 10, but a staggering 650 amendments have been made 42 times over the 50 years since Merdeka. So much so, scholar Dr Shad Salim Faruqi stated beyond doubt that the spirit of the original document has long been diluted.

How was that possible? Your two-third majority, dear Malaysians. Most of the MPs you elected sold you out, just to toe the party line.

These legislators have put party first, pocket second (or is it the other way around) and you, the elecorate, last. How does constitutional amendments and passing of laws affect your life, you ask.

For one, since the 90s, a Malaysian accused lost the right to be tried by a jury of his/her peers. Parliament did away with it. So, your fate as an accused rests solely with the judge.

Get a judge like “Irrelevant” Augustine Paul, and man…you are screwed. Ask Anwar Ibrahim, he learnt first hand. I must tell you though that Anwar’s was not a capital case so he would not have had a jury trial anyway.

Jury trial for capital cases was the norm in Malaysia until it was abolished on 1 Jan1995.

 The Official Secrets Act was an effectively used instrument to shut the more vocal of you people. This has ranged from an NST journo in the 80s to Ezam (formerly of PKR) in the 90s and blogger Nathaniel Tan of just last year.

All the toll concession agreements came under OSA, so you cannot question why you have to pay more toll every year.

Some reading on Human Rights in Malaysia, just to refresh your memory and to remind you voters NEVER EVER give any political party/coalition an absolute majority.

Your mandate gave among others, the power to Dr M to detain Lim Guan Eng on a technicality, under the Printing Presses and Publications Act, mostly because he championed the cause of an underaged Malay girl who was the victim of Lolita-loving Rahim Thamby Chik. Rahim should have gone to jail for screwing a minor but Lim Guan Eng did for publishing a pamphlet saying he did.

We still don’t know the exact nature and the details of the AP scandal. We still don’t know how much crony companies have kapak-ed us Malaysians. You know why? All those sweetheart deals you cannot read, they are OSA-ed.,

Any questioning of people in power gets the individual in trouble. They beat, black-eye, torture, intimidate people into silence. They used to regularly seize the

All because you and I have given the same gahmen mandate again and again. Umno folks thought ruling Malaysia was their birthright.

You have, on March 8, told them “No Such Thing”.

I’m telling you why you shouldn’t support them unequivocally.


Don’t ever write away your rights as citizens again.


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