Guns, Knife, Moonlighting Cop and Robbers

Nearly a decade ago, work took me to Europe for a week. In the course of the events which took me there the organisers presented me with an ice hammer. Not that I needed one, but with a certain logo on it, the hammer made a nice souvenir.

Threw it in my hand luggage for got about it. The day came when I had to fly back. Waiting at the Zurich airport, I remember being rather shaken when a fellow traveller told me that the rather worse-for-wear Mc Donnell Douglas aircraft we were staring at, was in fact the plane taking us home.

“I need Dutch courage to fly that,” I said with nervous humour, still staring at the plane. Turned around and found the guy missing. Sat down to read for a while and the guy reappeared at my side, with two bottles of Heineken. Heheh! He took that Dutch courage bit a little too literally.

Back to my flight. I made it back to Changi without incident in the ancient plane (Asian fleets are much younger and more comfy, I was to learn later) with Viking-like Swissair stewardesses with varicose veins. You won’t dream of messing with these women.

Connecting flight back to KL was Singapore Airlines. At the boarding gate, I was stopped and asked if I had a weapon in my hand luggage. That was a rhetorical question by a somber-faced SQ chick. “Ah! The hammer.”

“I’m sorry miss but you will have to check in the hammer”. I said fine. Dumb old me even joked “You can’t think I’m gonna hijack the plane…with a hammer”. In retrospect, I have to concede I was one dumb bitch. You get arrested for saying such things  n America, or pretty much everywhere in the world, after 9-11. But this was two years before that.

They took the hammer, and I had it returned to me after I got to Kuala Lumpur and retrieved my checked-in luggage. Can’t fault SQ where efficiency is concerned.

The point of this whole meandering story is, that Swissair either didn’t see or take issue with me carrying an ice hammer onboard, while Singapore Airlines, even back then, were uncompromisingly strict where security is concerned. So was Changi Airport. I won’t say much the same about their prison security though. 🙂

With all the hijackings and bomb plots making headlines, I would have thought airport and airline security would be even tighter these days. I mean, the airport is a major gateway into and out of a country and safety & security would be of paramount importance.

So I’m very much alarmed when the Malay Mail reported that there were no CCTV recording of that moneychanger robbery that took place at yesterday.It was an audacious act by the robbers, no doubt well-planned and with some inside knowledge.

 Don’t care so much about that moonlighting cop; that is Musa Hassan’s headache. Anyway, providing security escort service sounds infinitely more honest than hitting on motorists for duit kopi to me.

We’ve heard of a lot of places where there are CCTV cameras, but no recording going on. But it is scary  when it happens at the iconic Kuala Lumpur International Aiport. Now it is hampering investigations.

This happens just a day after a Bangladeshi guy wielding a fruit knife forced the emergency landing of a Biman (Bangladesh Airlines) plane in Bangkok.

That guy checked in at KLIA. He checked in with a knife.

Malaysia Airports Bhd! Apa dah jadi? You think suspending three employees is the end of story?  I’m sure those folks at Airports Council International who awarded KLIA with the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Assured cert last year, will not be so nice now.


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