Malaysian Current Affairs as I Understand It

Never have I seen the back being given such a workout. 🙂

First of all, Anwar Ibrahim who rallied massive crowds on the pre-polls campaign circuit, is back in the national political reckoning after the shock results on March 8. Apparently his back to back ceramahs packed the crowd and help galvanised many into voting Opposition, no matter what party.

The results must have pleased not only Anwar but his erstwhile persecutor, Dr Mahathir, who got his own back against Abdullah. Now he could say, I told you so.

Pak Lah wanted to win back Kelantan with his big Tahun Merawat Kelantan, but thanks to backroom maneuverings of his SIL, he lost favour with the electorate, and Kelantan told him to pegi main jauh jauh.

Barisan Nasional almost swept the whole of Perlis, and had two thirds majority in Terengganu, but the respective Sultans stabbed his back, rejecting both his men Shahidan and Idris Jusoh.

 Zaid Ibrahim was left behind during nomination day by BN. After elections though he was back in favour with an embattled Abdullah Badawi. 

As a payback for this favour, he immediately launches a rear offensive at former PM Dr Mahathir, saying the guy has to apologise for playing the back of Tun Salleh Abbas and five other judges back in the late 80s, effectively emasculating the Malaysian judiciary.

You think the Macchiavelian Dr M will take that lying down? No way, Jose. He launches a counter-attack, saying, “Lu sapa mau cakap besar brader? When you were in the Muslim Lawyers Association, you supported this move too.”

 Dr M and Zaid Ibrahim

Just because a man is old, you can’t assume that his faculties are waning, Mr Zaid. Dr M has had his engine overhauled TWICE. So beware.

On this side of the ring, Samy Vellu says the Hindraf #$%$#$ stabbed his back. What he didn’t say was the Sungai Siput constitiuents that includes Malays, Chinese and Indians, screwed him too.

Now he wants to still head the MIC and says only MIC can represent the Indians in Malaysia.

Advice for Samy

What can I say?

 Dr M has been consistently hitting Pak Lah, but now Pak Lah fights back. He said a whole lot of things, but then, no one seems to give a damn except his own people. And recently Karpal Singh, who’s tired of the Old Man’s acid remarks.

Khir Toyo, Ali Rustam and Chua Soi Lek have turned bloggers. Ali Rustam doesn’t allow comments. Khir protests that many commenters are nasty. Maidin will be scandalised to know of this blog phenomenon among these BN types, but then who cares about Maidin these days.

Raja Nazrin wants a judicial rennaissance. Cool enough statement, but can you do something to help it along, ah, Yang Mulia? All post ’88 judicial appointees are suspect. Some of the capable, straight judges were sidelined, like KC Vohrah and Syed Ahmad Idid. And what happened to the stooge Augustine Paul, I wonder?

Elsewhere, the sweet stench of pigs have become a bone of contention in Selangor and Perak. Self -contained babi farms? No says Khir Toyo. Yes, says Khalid Ibrahim. Both won’t back down, but Khalid is at the helm….

MCA and DAP will have their own sideshow on the Babi issue. The only thing both will agree on is that Babi Sedap!

Zahid Hamidi wanted to save Sufiah the Prodigy Prostitute. Sufiah is happy the way she is. She’s getting handbags as payoff for working on her back. Who’s complaining?

DAP fellas n Perak said they are offered money to join BN. Lots of money, but these guys have thus far refused to turn their backs on DAP.

Blogger Sang Kelembai, one of Pak Lah’s most vituperative critics online, has gone kissy-faced with Pak Lah and now wants to go back to Umno.

I guess some people just tak tahu malu. 


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