Feeding Monkeys in the Jungle…

Kera di hutan disusukan, anak sendiri mati kelaparan. So said a friend while discussing the Sufiah issue, especially in the light of the report that the Malaysian govt gave her scholarship.

Now everybody, including the who’s who in the government wants to save Sufiah. Who is Sufiah?

Prodigy turned Prostitute according to news reports. There are some salacious pictures purportedly of her, floating around on the Net. I don’t want to capitalise on this sudden interest in this girl who went from one extreme end of society approval to the other in 10 years. I want to state my thoughts.

I can understand the how and the why. Before we begin though, some basic information about Sufiah Yusof to put you in perspective.

Sufiah is a British subject. Her link to Malaysia is that her mother is Malaysian Muslim woman from Johor. Her father is a British subject of Pakistani descent. Sufiah is today reported to be 23 years old.  She was a Maths prodigy who gained a place in Oxford when she was 13. She received a Malaysian government scholarship in 1997.

What is less known is that this hot-housed child made two suicide attempts when whe was 11. Behind that facade of an educationally-advanced family, lies this disturbing insinuation.

Two years later she fled her home and ended up finally in the care of social services. Refusing to return to her family, she blamed her father for making her life hell.

In 2004 she married fellow Oxford undergraduate Jonathan Marshall. They split in 2005.The guy was shocked by the press reports. But these quotes tell you certain things.

“I can’t fathom why she would do it – especially someone in her situation. Despite the problems with her family she had many advantages, which other people don’t have,” he said.

“It’s a particular shock – her coming from a Muslim background. To see pictures of somebody doing that – somebody I knew very closely – it makes me think, how did she get to that stage. Quite frankly she knows well enough what she should and should not do.”

And here’s more…

Marshall went on to say: “My view is that people can blame childhood to a certain extent, but there also comes a point where you have to take responsibility for your own actions.

“She had her advantages: she had someone willing to support her while she was at university. One newspaper told me that it had offered a substantial amount for her story. Personally, I’d rather sell my story than sell myself.”

Here’s a little about how they met and how/why the marriage ended.

The two fell in love and married in 2004. Marshall, a law student, had already converted to Islam. He was 24 and she was 19. The marriage lasted less than two years.

“The reason we split was that I became more observant and Sufiah became less so,” The Daily Telegraph quoted Marshall as saying.

“That took her in the wrong direction, away from the direction in which I wanted to go. The teachings of Islam are fundamental to your everyday life, so when paths diverge in that respect it is a major issue.”

She seemed to have suffered through her childhood. Maybe didn’t have a childhood. I can empathise there. I didn’t either. Her marriage at 19 seemed to be to a decent enuff guy. That wasn’t enough to heal her? I don’t know.

Maybe she was too scarred? Sometimes, when you are scarred at such a young age, it changes a lot of things. Hell it can screw up your entire life. When your spirit or sense of sense is so badly broken, your sense of value and values can be pretty fucked up.

What is one’s body worth, people like this may think, when your heart is blasted to smithereens, your soul is wretched? Yeah. She must have suffered a lot, but that descent into selling her body was a voluntary one.

Back to the question of why everyone in Malaysia is up in arms; expressing shock, and immediately after, making plans to “save” her? Just because she is a Muslim girl? Just because she is half Malay?

To Zahid Hamidi I’d like to say this, “You have no locus standi, macha!” What if you guys approach her and she tells you to F**k Off? Mana nak letak muka? By the way, whose money are you using for this Save Sufiah Campaign? Taxpayer’s money?

Already, I’m sore (many of us are, I’m sure) that this Malaysian govt gave this British girl scholarship to study in Britain when many deserving Malaysian students can’t even continue their studies to local public universities because there are not enough places.

Lulu is right when she wished Malaysian govt would show more compassion to its own people. I am more cynical. I know it is things like these that made the tide shift against the BN government. It festers inside when you are made to feel like anak tiri in your own country.

You want to save Sufiah? Why don’t you start a campaign to save the many young girls in Malaysia prostituting themselves in their teens. That Putera Umno fella Abdul Azeez Rahim who were so concerned about the Mat Rempits, should perhaps try to help the bohsias who are given away are prizes.

They are right here in Malaysia. They are part of the social problem.  So jaga tepi kain sendiri lah.

This Harian Metro report says Persatuan Melayu UK is bringing an Ustaz from here to help the girl. I see no problem with that. Pretty laudable of them to help their fellow citizen. However, this paragraph in the article made me gag with disbelief.

berdasarkan perbincangan dengan Trimizi dan beberapa petunjuk, pihaknya percaya Sufiah di bawah pengaruh tertentu terutama ilmu hitam.- Harian Metro

The assumption that this girl was under the influence of black magic, and that’s why she is selling herself, beggars my comprehension.

By that score, is it to be inferred that women who sell themselves are under some hantu influence? Then we must send score of religious people to help rehabilitate the teenage prostitutes in Chow Kit and Bukit Bintang who are slashing prices like crazy. We must use these religious people to cure those Bohsias and Bohjans in the streets then.

What a farce!

Hasn’t it occured to anyone that the people mentioned here might just like to F**k? Those bohsias apparently charge nothing.

Sufiah at least does.


9 thoughts on “Feeding Monkeys in the Jungle…

  1. I totally agree with you.. Busybodies… yeah I read about the ilmu hitam part and I thought that was the most hilarious thing I’ve heard throughout the whole course of my life. That one coming from a supposedly “ustaz”. Maybe he forgot about the devil. Nevertheless this people are so full of feces. The damn MSD wanted help her in anyway they can. They couldn’t even help all of the malaysian students overseas yet they are concerning themselves with a person who doesn’t even remotely consider herself a malaysian. I know a lot of malaysian students overseas who would have to work 2-3 jobs so they can pay for their tution. Just because they are not known to be a prodigy does it mean they don’t require any attention from the government??? We gave the government the money and it’s for them to return the service to us Malaysians.

  2. I am going to make some money out of this. I could organise a whole bunch of sickos from the so called “good samaritans” on a tour to London. (Extreme sarcasm on). The ‘holier than thou’ crowd normally runs riot in foreign countries, forgetting that they have wives and families at home. I have seen that happen.

  3. Hi Galadriel

    It is so typical… while I applaud the fact that they want to help, they are always closing an eye (or in most cases both!) to local problems. They are suddenly interested in helping this girl probably for recognition. I agree with Ranger that that particular breed of people mentioned usually do not practice what they preach.

    sigh… I wonder if they will ever change that attitude and start cleaning up their own yard.

    P.S. It was lovely meeting you the other day and thanks for the ride. Appreciate it more than you know. 🙂

  4. Tried to book her online but got screwed (pun intended). With all the publicity she is getting ONLINE by you Bloggers her price has tripled and she’s fully booked till Christmas . Thanks a lot Guys !

  5. JT, likewise abt the meeting. Read what she said in the interview with reporters. here.

    Jedi, u very very bad. U have to support local escort industry, u know. What unpatriotic Malaysian u are. U purchasing the favours of a foreign chick is a leakage frm Malaysian economy.

    Btw, u got money to splurge on LV bags?

    Don’t blame us bloggers. The papers did it first. And tell me, I mean, how many people read blog (to quote Ku Nan frm last year)…LOL

  6. I patriotic lah , but every time i try to get a local escort she turns out to be some chick from a village from Foochow or Canton woo no speaka inglish one . And leakage frm Malaysian economy is the least of my worries , sindiri punya leakage problem mau jaga dulu lah . And the girl today already MANJAL PUSERAN on the El Moronos from Malaysia who wanted to bring her to the Righteous Path .She said “People think escorting is sleazy and terrible but I don’t see it like that.
    The right to judge her i have not ,But to judge the Baffons we have as ministers … thats another thing altogether .But i think Today the damage done most was that of The Star . They highlighted the story on a full Page 3 almost like glorifying the Profession . Imagine a 19 year old Girl reading the story , bad STPM results and Gucci , Prada and designer clothing coming into the picture with thousands of pounds to spend ,,, You go figure the Math . On a lighter note , Sufiah’S Quote of the day for me was “I don’t believe my education had been wasted – in fact, I usually take problem sheets with me to solve before appointments,”

  7. Ehmm.. what can I say?
    Actually commented in Rocky’s blog when it first came out that with all the good intention in our heart, she wants to lead her own life. (instead of being controlled).

    The Malaysian government should stop interfering in another country’s affair. Another minister want to make the trip there ? Heard we are planning to send a holy man there ….

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