Population Control, Dubya Style

Why don’t someone put fatigues on George W Bush and Dick Cheney and drop somewhere over Iraq?  If they survive the drop, then they can fight alongside their troops.

But this particular Texan seems too dense to understand the magnitude of damage he is inflicting on Iraq as well as his own troops.

The US troops are showing strain over this very long engagement. According to Associated Press, up to 4003 of their own soldiers have died since the Americans started Operation Get Saddam, not to mentions thousands of Iraqi civilians. But who keeps count of civilians deaths anyway.

The chiefs’ concern is that U.S. forces are being worn thin, compromising the Pentagon’s ability to handle crises elsewhere in the world.

In the war zone itself, two more American soldiers were killed Wednesday in separate attacks in Baghdad, raising the U.S. death toll to at least 4,003, according to an Associated Press count. Volleys of rockets also slammed into Baghdad’s Green Zone for the third day this week, and the U.S. Embassy said three Americans were seriously wounded. At least eight Iraqis were killed elsewhere in the capital by rounds that apparently fell short.

An end is nowhere in sight. It is up to Bush, but he says they are winning in Iraq. Who? At what cost? On one hand, he aggravated an already volatile brew in the Middle East with his Iraq misadventure (by convincing America and its allies that the road to Al-Qaeda is through Iraq.)

Now he says victory is possible despite General David Petraeus’ assertions otherwise.

Read more by Fred Kaplan at Slate.com

What does Bush think he is? Jerry Bruckheimer?


One thought on “Population Control, Dubya Style

  1. Iraq isn’t as bad as the mainstream media paints it. They have a vested interest in tarnishing the Republican Party (in the USA) or tarnishing America (in the world). Hence, only the bad news like the increasingly rare deaths get any press.

    Hey, its the MSM… What do you expect?

    Read these blogs by journalists actually in Iraq day and night. Good stuff, expecially the battle accounts and pics of smiley peoples:



    If the US keeps it up, things will actually be better than the past 30 years under Baath.

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