Another reason why Singapore is ahead of us

The Singapore government takes positive steps towards providing infrastructure that benefits the public. It promotes competition.So the consumers benefit.

Starhub,M1 pair up to bid for cyberhighway

The Straits Times
Monday, March 24, 2008

By Alfred Siew

Rivals StarHub and MobileOne (M1) have joined forces in a bid to build Singapore’s new, ultra-fast cyber highway, throwing up the latest surprise in a long tender process.

The network, dubbed the Next-Generation National Broadband Network, will let users surf at speeds at least 10 times faster than now.

When ready islandwide by 2015, it is expected to shake up a telecom market now dominated by SingTel and StarHub.

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 What made me blog about this are the following paras…

The winner will be unveiled in the third quarter of this year. A second tender will then be called for the operation of the telecom equipment in the network.

This separation is meant to prevent one telco from dominating the scene, the Government said. It is giving out up to $750 million to help firms build the network.

In doing so, it believes more small firms can offer online services without being bogged down by the cost of building the network.Asia Media News Daily

No overt concessions to dominant player Singtel despite it being owned by Singapore govt’s investment arm Temasek Holdings.

This is governance.


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