There Are Things Money Can’t Buy…

For others there is UMNO? Heheh. Cruel joke in this current climate, I know, but to those many Umnoputras who benefited from the UMNO largesse over the decades, this may be time to stick to your people and support them.

But then one wonders, what kind of loyalty does money buy? As I write this post, my thoughts go back to somewhere last year and a story my neighbour told me about a conversation he had with a Wanita Umno type.

Z: Tak pergi perhimpunan agung UMNO ke?

W: Malas lah. Kali ni depa tak bagi duit. Pergi pun buang masa aje.

Telling, isn’t it?

Fast forward to this week and Pak Non’s opinion piece in The Edge. I would like to direct your attention to these particular paragraphs.

Those in the know say the problem in Terengganu is expected to be resolved by early next week. Again everyone knows that “resolved or selesaikan” is euphemism for compensation or rewards.
And this in essence is another major problem within Umno. Members have become so greedy, so obsessed with self-enrichment that perjuangan (struggle) has taken on a new meaning.
It is no longer the party struggle for bangsa, agama dan tanahair (nation, religion and country), the party slogan of the early years — that has taken a back seat — but the narrow individual struggle to amass wealth. 

Most pertinent in relation to the conversation above is his weary conclusion.

No doubt some also lost because party workers refused to continue working when the allocation meant for them did not arrive. Thus, many campaign posts had to be abandoned. For Umno, volunteerism is long gone.

Is this what they meant by protecting the interest of Malays? Is this the unspoken side of the New Economic Policy that non-Umnoputras have no inkling of?

Now that we discuss this, I’m reminded this bit of news from 2006. Pak Lah announced then that RM600 million would be allocated to UMNO division throughout the country (except Sarawak)to be disbursed for little projects for Class F contractors.

Malaysiakini then reported on this. So you know I’m not simply pointing fingers or picking on an already unpopular government.

Firstly, Sarawak was excluded because there is no Umno branch or division there I guess. So the Class F contractors there can go fly kite la.

Secondly, it occurs to me how much the Class F contractors have to kiss the local Umno head honcho’s arse just to have remain solvent.

Thirdly, these kind of “throwing scraps for the loyal dogs” treatment not only demeans the honest, productive Bumi contractors but also encourages them to be lazy. It sends a signal that it is not know how, but KNOW WHO, that gets them a job.

How the hell do you elevate the economic status of the needy Malay Bumiputeras (I know UMNO doesn’t give a damn about the Non-Malay Bumis) if you don’t encourage them to compete?

UMNO and in extension, Barisan Nasional, has been digging its own grave with such selective patronage and short-sighted policies and the hole has gotten deep enough to deprive them of Kuala Lumpur and FIVE other states this month.

The way back into favour with the people would be to prove that they are sincere enough about serving the interest of the common people.

But then, some fat cats who have been raised on a diet of Friskies dry food would not be too excited about actually going out there and catching rats for dinner.


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