The Day of Reckoning is Here, Mr Samy Vellu

I’ve been postponing this post a bit, just to marshall my thoughts. However, the thoughts keep on nagging till I can’t sleep at night.

I was watching the live telecast of Pak Lah’s pared down Cabinet take oath of office today in front of the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and glimpsed the colourful Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu sitting in the front row of leaders, sans wife and looking very somber, yet with an unmistakable defiance still written on his face.

Politicians must certainly have tough hides. For a politician whose party was almost wiped out in the GE 2008, Samy, who lost his own Sungai Siput seat, held for decades, kept his composure.

 Yet in some corner, I was move . d to pity this man who cut a lonely figure amidst the already subdued multitude at the Balai Rong Seri, who were seated in front of the Agong who wore a stern face himself.

The pity didn’t last, once I started dwelling on the many questions that Samy as the ostensible leader of the Indian community must answer. Anger and more questions starter piling up.

Here goes. Some things that you need to account for, Mr Samy.

1. Maika Holdings and the Telekom shares.

We want to know what happened back in 1992. We want to hear about the 9 million Telekom shares that took a detour into three sinister companies;  SB Management Services Sdn. Bhd, Advanced Personal Computers Sdn. Bhd, and Clearway Sdn. Bhd, the last one of which listed your relatives as directors.

Furthermore, what happened on your assurance that Maika Holdings would pay RM130 on every RM100 invested? This happened last year. You are still the president of MIC. You have to answer to Maika shareholders and your community.

For background, read more.

2. Why is Vel Paari heading Maika Holdings? 

This is Maika Holdings. MIC’s investment arm. What is your son doing heading it? Is he qualified and even then, what gives you the right to put him up there?

Why was Maika Holdings investing in movies and distributorship of movies like Shivaji and Chandramukhi when it should be investing conservatively? Even then, these were movies that made a lot of money, yet why does Maika Holdings accounts show nothing for it?

3. Actress K.Sujatha’s death

Vel Paari was allegedly paying for the condominium in which she was staying in. That indicates relationship of some kind. The circumstances of this young woman’s death remains shrouded in mystery and nothing much has come out of the investigation.

Why doesn’t it occur to you that an MIC leader’s son is linked to a suspicious death and that son is also the CEO of the MIC investment arm and thus, needs to explain himself? Perhaps this question should be addressed towards the police, who have kept mum on the subject.

4.Sri Maha Mariamman Temple mismanagement

This temple management committee manages both the Maha Mariamman Temple and the Sri Subramaniaswamy temple in Batu Caves.

Committee chairman R.Nadarajah (once indicted in a criminal breach of trust case but later acquitted) has been running it like his personal fiefdom for about a decade (maybe more) with relatives filling the committee.

The temple is a veritable cash cow thanks to the annual gathering of hundreds of thousands of Hindus there on Thaipusam day. It also gets an allocation from the Tourism ministry annually as it is a tourism crowd-puller.

Nadarajah has always been safe under your “auspices” and so have remained free to squander the temple money. This is below the belt betrayal. Who audits the temple accounts? How does his unemployed son manage to drive a luxury car? Why was he able to operate unchecked? Because of you, of course.

Questions also arise over last year’s Nov 25 late night standoff in the Batu Caves temple that resulted in many of the boys and men assembled there being arrested by the police, and Nadarajah’s own role in it.


Now you know why you and most of your men lost in the recent GE 2008. You still want to remain as MIC president. Go ahead, you can be the president of irrelevance. But you still have to answer to these major questions Mr Samy.

Untill then, we will dog you….till your dying day….and then we’ll dog your son and everybody associated with the grand betrayal of  the Indian community.

We’ve been screwed with enough!


11 thoughts on “The Day of Reckoning is Here, Mr Samy Vellu

  1. we can go on asking these questions….which have being repeatedly asked …and yet no answer….WHY ??. As long as there are characters who go on supporting him and his cronies ….MIC will go on cheating .Indians must realize that MIC is gone forever . Wake and look around you .Things are happening fast ….join the crowd or else be left behind.


  3. Dear Samy,

    The Main Stream and electronic Media should hound him and make it difficult for him to leave his home until he answers all the above questions .
    He should not be allowed any peace of mind.

    There should be a permanent peaceful demonstration in front of his house with demonsrators taking turn to keep vigil round the clock. The crowd need not be big but just a handful with banners asking the above questions.

    These banners should follow him wherever he goes, home ,office,airport,restaurant, temple , club and follow him wherever he goes even overseas. These banners should be what he sees when he gets up and also the last thing before he sleeps.

    We should not allow him the peace of mind to enjoy at the expense of thousands of poor indians who trusted him.

  4. Samy Vellu, when you depart this world and meet your maker, all the CURRENCY that you carry in your bag packs will only allow you to pay for a one way ticket to HELL!!!

  5. The MIC is on the way out and will be part of Malaysian history if Dato Samy Vellu insist on staying and playing the same old games. The time has finally arrived for a total revamp and repositioning of the party. The rejection of the candidates and the withdrawal of support for Barisan is clear and Dato Samy must resign now and pave the way for fresh elections. Allow the party to resurface with new faces that want to contribute and leaders that can rekindle the greatness of the party that served the people in the 60s and 70s.
    There are rumours that certain state leaders in the MIC will be calling for the removal of Dato Samy next week and calling of early party elections. These office bearers, the backbone of the MIC hve felt the pulse at the grass roots and this tsunami may finally sweep Dato Samy and his laggard of cronies that ncludes Saravanan ( drug pusher and thief) into oblivion.
    The Indians will have to decide…a tainted party of leftovers and dropouts i.e MIC or the dynamic team of opposition MPs made up of clean professionals committed to social change i.e DAP/PKR. THe future is in your hands…decide and do the necessary for our future and stand up and be counted.
    Get up, Stand up. Stand up for your rights

  6. From the grave vine i hear samy v, is a runner of former PM. v use to identify him as big M, the other is small M , musa. Samy also own a town in india, have a big stake in kollywood. ACa should hound him on this

  7. The Opponents of Sammy Vellu must organise themselves relentlessly go after him, his son and ALL his kaki. Just talk is useless, meaningless and wasteful, like what I observed.

  8. It is a shame Najib did not reinstate SAMY the sami.. as a menteri tak berguna, all BN component party leaders have a seat as minister all except MIC…..pirah aneh pariah.

    even koh soo khun ….ada jawatan….?!!!!

    PPP- tak leh pakai also…….?

    most likely they will leave for good……join PKR…..ada chance naik sikit…

    so, jadi president apa.standard macam K.J. jugak le…………

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