Equity for the People of Malaysia

The New Economic Policy, which had noble aims at the time of its conception by Tun Razak and Tun Dr Ismail, has deviated in a big way from its goals, thanks to greed for money and power.

The new Chief Minister from the Opposition-run Selangor, Khalid Ibrahim, must have himself been a beneficiary of this policy that among others aimed at getting Bumiputeras 30% equity in the whole of national wealth.

Today, he said NEP Execution Has Deviated. He is right. I still get this surreal feeling as I hear a Malay leader saying this. But then, the events of March 8 has changed the whole geopolitical structure of Malaysia.

The climate is right to make such statements. So far, except for some stupid remarks and actions on the part of some DAP/PAS/PKR people, the overtures have largely been a welcome one.

Perak now has a multi-lingual Mentri Besar. DAP and Gerakan showed some rare accord in the matter of Penang’s future. Selangor government pledges transparency in public administration.

All sounds nice. But remember guys. There is no such thing as a honeymoon for whoever rules the states. Because you guys know very well that it was an unpopular government that lost its mandate.

PKR/PAS/DAP have to deliver some results starting next year….at the very least. Or lose it for good.

Same goes for the Barisan Government. What Pak Lah said about declaration of assets is a positive development.

However, how do you account for proxies, Mr Prime Minister?


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