The Silent Majority Roared…and it said Makkal Sakthi!

There was no war cry, just the Malaysian voters’ simple exercising of their democratic right. And the good people of Malaysia said BALLS! to the Barisan Nasional behemoth.

Lest we forget the Silent Majority part, let me remind you of the BN government’s response to the Lawyers March on Sept 26, Bersih rally of Nov 5 and Hindraf’s Nov 25 rally (all in 2007).

Silent Majority has spoken on Dec 12 as reported in The Star.

Now I want to ask, where is DAMAI, the “umbrella body” representing 395 non-governmental organisations?

Living in denial, somnolence and plain ignorance of people’s aspirations is what brought Pak Lah’s government to its knees.

Humble old me, nothing more than a voter and citizen, has a piece of advice for Pak Lah.

Fire all your son-in-law’s sycophantic cronies in the 4th Floor. They are elitist as well as clueless on how to do their jobs, despite being educated young fellas.

Apart from leaning on the media to keep out all negative publicity, what have they done to ensure the good image of the Prime Minister.

Read this Wikipedia entry on Pak Lah. We all know that Wikipedia allows its entries to be edited, so, why have the PM’s image consultants not done anything to address the disparaging stuff written there?

Because they believe it’s true? Heheh. Or is it because Pak Lah’s aides and advisors are lousy at public relations?

I guess we can allow a couple of days for them to stand again after being sent reeling by the Malaysian electorate, but when they get to the business of governing now, they have to to actually do some work, not spout outdated rhetorics.

If they don’t, there are 82 voices in Parliament to question them.

The Cabinet pit bull Nazri Aziz (he really should do something about this nasty Wiki on him) won’t be able to say Bodoh Bodoh Bodoh, Duduk Duduk Duduk any more and get away with it.

Ku Li probably sums it up about BN

Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said the results were “not just a blow to Barisan and Umno but to the nation as a whole.”  

“Alongside losing our two-thirds majority in Parliament, we have lost a record number of states to the Opposition, including the home state of the Prime Minister,” he said in a statement.  

“The honesty with which we interpret this result, and the decisiveness with which we act on it, will determine whether we still have a future with the people. 

“We must face it without further denial, self-deception or media spin.” – The Star

I dunno about the “blow to the nation as a whole” part, Ku Li. If it is a blow, then it is BN’s fault, isn’t it?


One thought on “The Silent Majority Roared…and it said Makkal Sakthi!

  1. ZAM, Sharizat, Samy Vellu and Koh can go “blow” themselves. They were arrogant or stupid and did nothing to wake up that sleeping sheep, Tok Zzzz and tell him not to use force on harmless people. Malays – deep down – have a strong conscience and no doubt felt considerable pity at the state of our beloved country. Samy of course has no shame..he wants to rebuild MIC. Dear Samy, Indians have had enough of you. Go on pilgrimage to wipe out your sins. As for Koh, he can become a monk and Sharizat can look after children. For ZAM there is no hope.

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