To Those Who Won

We Malaysians gave you a mandate to represent us in the Parliament and the State Assemblies.

Now, the thing to do is reflect on your win, and get to work.

No celebrations, wild parties and stuff. The Opposition win this time around is due NOT to their popularity, but the estreme unpopularity of the erstwhile administration that was given a resounding mandate in 2004 and squandered it at our expense.

What we Malaysians don’t want to see now, is:

– Gloating, name calling and rubbing the losers’ noses in their defeat.

– Infighting among the Opposition parties as to who gets to be Perak and Selangor Mentris Besar.

– Following the footsteps of the complacent Barisan Nasional and become cocky and out of touch with the people’s needs.

Malaysian voters showed their relative maturity in this election. I applaud them. I feel finally that there is some hope for change and equitable socioeconomic solutions for us ordinary people.

We have showed that we are no longer afraid of the RACE and RELIGION bogeymen that had been used time and time again to stop us from voting our conscience.

Now let’s work together as not Malays, Chinese, Indians, Iban, Dayak, Melanau, Kelabit, Nyonya, Peranakan…..but as Malaysians.

Today, it came to me, how this country and its people are worth fighting and suffering for.

Today, I’d proudly tell people I’m a Malaysian blogger.

Today, I’m proud to be a citizen of Malaysia.

God Bless This Country.


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